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Pulse of the Profession® is our annual global survey of project, program and portfolio managers tracking the major trends in project management.

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Our quarterly report on indicators of importance to the project management community.

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Are You Future Ready?

  • PMI Pulse of the Profession 2020

    2020 Pulse: Ahead of the Curve: Forging a Future-Focused Culture

    Pulse of the Profession 2020

    Are you future ready? Our Pulse of the Profession® research shows that organizations that prioritize maturing their delivery capabilities enjoy more successful outcomes.

  • Research Highlights by Industry and Region

    This report provides a comparison of research results between a variety of geographical locations and industries and the global totals.

Focus: Artificial Intelligence

Focus: Disruptive Technologies

Organizations all over the world are being impacted by disruptive technologies—including cloud solutions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT)—that are displacing established technologies. Those that want to understand and manage the impact of these technologies can look to proven project management practices to survive and thrive during these times of change. Our In-Depth reports look at Disruptive Technologies and their impact on organizational success. 

In-Depth Topic Reports

Special Features

  • What's Next? Identifying New Ways of Working

    Learn about the five ways that successful organizations are cultivating disruptions in order to evolve their best practices to next practices.

Focus: Achieving Greater Agility

The Achieving Greater Agility In-Depth reports look at agile transformation—and the specific people and process drivers that help organizations encourage and adapt to change. We found that agility happens when organizations acknowledge the need for constant change―and resolve to actively enable it.

In-depth Topic Reports

Focus: Benefits Realization Management

Our Pulse of the Profession® data reveals a staggering 83 percent of organizations lack maturity with benefits realization. When benefits realization management is part of a disciplined approach to project management, performance increases. Our in-depth report series focuses on benefits realization: how to gain, deliver and sustain the value that projects deliver.

In-depth Topic Reports

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Taking a Pulse

High performance and project management maturity go hand in hand — but many organizations are still in the slow lane. Numbers tell the story.



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