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Projectified with PMI is a lively forward-looking series of conversations about hot topics and emerging trends impacting the world of project managers, from digital transformation to artificial intelligence to career development. Projectified with PMI includes discussions with senior and rising project managers, business leaders in Fortune 500 companies and startups, best-selling authors, top researchers and a wide range of leading-edge thinkers in and outside the profession. These conversations share insights, perspectives and real-world experiences to help individual project management practitioners see today’s challenges in a new light. All Projectified with PMI podcasts are free to download; we hope you enjoy these conversations.

Stephen Maye

Projectified with PMI is hosted by Stephen Maye, a familiar voice in the world of project management. For over the past ten years, Stephen has been a moderator at PMXPO and many other virtual events. He is a contributing author in “Project Pain Reliever: A Just-In-Time Handbook for Anyone Managing Projects”.

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Featured Podcasts

  • Kevin Murphy

    Transformation — Momentum and Mindset

    By Kevin Murphy In part two with transformation expert Kevin Murphy, Kevin discusses how project managers serve as big-picture change agents, developing a future mindset, how to instill new behaviors for creating a…

    31 min.

  • Andy Kaufman

    Team Leadership — Maximizing Potential

    By Andy Kaufman Andy defines leadership and teams in this episode and among the topics of discussion, he touches upon agile principles to bring out the best in the teams you lead.

    35 min.

  • Kevin Murphy

    Transformation — Risks and Rewards

    By Kevin Murphy Kevin defines transformation, highlights what’s different for leaders, and makes a case that project professionals can achieve their best work when co-creation is achieved.

    25 min.

  • Dana Brownlee

    Culture — Millennials in the Workforce

    By Dana Brownlee Dana shares insights on building strong work relationships between millennials and managers. With perspectives from both sides, she identifies behaviors and mindsets to foster cross-generational…

    32 min.

  • Doug Greenwell

    2017 Project of the Year — Complexity and Risk

    By Doug Greenwell Doug shares experiences and insights from managing PMI's 2017 Project of the Year. You’ll learn how the team overcame dangers of the work environment and the technical, talent, and communications…

    42 min.

  • Jane Canniff

    Social Good — Leading Development Projects

    By Jane Canniff Jane discusses how project management is changing and how it differs among the for-profit and global development sectors.

    34 min.

  • Oren Klaff

    Communication — The Path to Payoff

    By Oren Klaff Picking up our previous conversation on "pitching projects," Oren practices what he preaches — diving right into describing "a path to payoff" to follow when running team meetings or presenting a…

    24 min.

  • Anand Swaminathan

    Digital Transformation — What It Takes

    By Anand Swaminathan Real-world business examples of digital transformation enlighten part two of our conversation with Anand, as we dive more deeply into the role of cross-functional teams and discuss the culture…

    22 min.

  • Scott Berkun

    Creativity — Part of the Process

    By Scott Berkun We return to the oft-neglected role of creativity in project management as Scott shares insights on bringing fresh-thinking and innovative problem-solving to your projects and teams, regardless of…

    21 min.

  • Lauri Bingham

    Agile Ways — An Ongoing Journey

    By Lauri Bingham Lauri shares insights and lessons learned on adopting and integrating agile principles and practices into a variety of work environments. Lauri also covers the PMO’s role in supporting teams, hybrid…

    36 min.

  • Oren Klaff

    Communication — Pitching Your Projects

    By Oren Klaff Oren makes a compelling case for why pitching an idea or solution is a crucial skill for project managers, and he offers tips for getting buy-in and selling the future. Oren shares common mistakes…

    22 min.

  • Scott Berkun

    Creativity — Make It Part of Your Toolkit

    By Scott Berkun Scott highlights the need to bring creativity to process-orientated environments and addresses the often misunderstood, neglected role of creativity in project management.

    25 min.

  • Dr. Michael Chui

    Artificial Intelligence — Opportunities Ahead

    By Dr. Michael Chui In this conversation, Chui summarizes vital research on the impact that AI will have on industries and particular jobs. Project managers will hear how to prepare and thrive in this fast-emerging,…

    28 min.

  • Jacqueline Van Pelt, PMP

    Career Development — Your Personal Project

    By Jacqueline Van Pelt, PMP Jackie shares down-to-earth advice, including developing your own leadership style, learning from executive stakeholders, asking “awkward questions” and building trusted relationships, which is the…

    32 min.

  • Anand Swaminathan

    Digital Transformation — Why It Matters

    By Anand Swaminathan In this conversation, Anand provides an overview of the digital landscape, why it is important to every organization’s future, the roles of project management in digital transformation, and culture…

    26 min.