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Based on your interests and goals, Career Navigator creates a personalized action plan to match you with the perfect growth opportunities.

How Career Navigator Works

Start taking action in 3 Easy Steps.

1. Take a Self-Assessment

What are your aspirations? What have been your formative experiences? Career Navigator builds a complete picture of you before zeroing in on your top goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student leading a team assignment or a systems analyst implementing new tech. We’re all managing projects, so let’s help ourselves out!

360º Reflection:

  • Experience
  • Career Stage
  • Skills
  • Certification
  • Professional Development Preferences
  • Goals

Assessment Checklist

2. Get Your Action Plan

Our recommendation engine suggests personalized action steps, which you can further customize to your needs.

Customizable Action Items:

We provide a list of recommendations. You decide what to prioritize or eliminate.

Learn, Do, Engage:

Our action steps cover a broad spectrum to make sure you are growing in all the right ways. Watch a video, check out a local event, put a framework into practice – all on Career Navigator.

Agile Toolkit

3. Grow Every Day!

Tackle those action items one by one! Make decisions about what to do based on the time required or what’s most important to you.

Progress Tracking:

See your career development progress week to week. Stay on track with reminders from Career Navigator.

Recommendation Engine:

As you progress, Career Navigator will update its recommendation engine to make sure it sets you up the right goal to work on next.

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Built for driven PM professionals like you.

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“It’s about time! PMI has really listened to their members and created this awesome tool that is much needed for our profession!”

– Emily L., PMP 

Ready to navigate your career?

Move Your Career Forward

Ready to navigate your career?

Move Your Career Forward