Chapter Formation

Members interested in forming a new chapter must complete and submit a chapter formation application. Individuals interested in forming a new PMI chapter must be a current member of PMI in good standing. 

Applications will be reviewed by PMI staff and volunteers to assess the request against identified member needs, alignment to PMI strategy and potential impacts to existing PMI chapters. 

Inquirers should be aware that completion and submission of an application does not guarantee that PMI will form the requested chapter. Additionally, applications to form branches of existing PMI chapters must be submitted by the leadership of the existing chapter. 

Before completing the formation application, PMI recommends that you review the following checklist and relevant application summary form to ensure that you have the information you need to begin this process:

  • Conduct some basic research on the project management environment in the geographic area in which you are looking to form a new chapter. Who are the major stakeholders? Is this a new or growing area for project management? Is the area underserved or un-served by existing PMI chapters?
  • Reach out to related or nearby chapters to talk with the leadership about your proposal.
  • Identify other members that would support your efforts to form a new chapter. Chapters must have at least 25 PMI members in order to be chartered by PMI. There is no minimum membership requirement for branch formation.
  • Prepare your preliminary business case: what needs will the chapter address; and, how will this chapter enhance the ability of PMI to meet these needs?

Chapter formation is a committed process, requiring a dedicated steering team of volunteers to create a multi-year business plan for PMI approval. The approval of a business plan ensures that the proposed chapter has a sustainable vision and the resources to support future growth and maturity.

Volunteers should be prepared to commit to periods of intense planning and execution over six to nine months; in the case of chapter formation, this process may take up to a year with the legal requirements of incorporation. PMI recommends that the steering team include members with previous experience as volunteer leaders in a PMI chapter. 

Volunteers will be required to complete a conflict of interest questionnaire and a confidentiality agreement during formation, as the business planning process may include the sharing of proprietary information between the steering team and PMI. 

Chapter formation additionally requires that the member leading the formation effort live or work in the area of the proposed chapter at least 11 months of the calendar year. 

For more information on forming a new chapter or creating branches of an existing chapter, please direct your inquiries to [email protected].