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Leadership Institute

Learn, share, network and most of all get inspired with the Leadership Institute.

At PMI, we value our volunteers. We want you to succeed and grow your leadership skills. That’s why we’ve created the Leadership Institute, an extraordinary program to develop you as a leader.

Through the Leadership Institute, you’ll find that your time invested in volunteering for PMI pays huge dividends.

Our offerings will expand your network and provide the knowledge needed to develop as a leader in your PMI community and your professional career.

Program Benefits

As an active volunteer leader at PMI, you can take advantage of numerous programs and activities.

For more information regarding the programs below, send an email to [email protected] or learn more about volunteering.

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Chapter Leader Orientation

All volunteers who are accepting a chapter leader role for the first time, or moving into a new role, are highly encouraged to participate in the Chapter Leader Orientation (CLO). CLO is presented partially as an annual, live event and partially as on-demand viewing. Chapter leaders will learn about current PMI strategy, basics of chapter governance, and chapter leadership approaches. There are also short modules for specific chapter roles associated with marketing, membership, finance, and more. CLO is always available at

Leadership Institute Meetings

In regard to chapters, the purpose of the Leadership Institute is to develop chapter volunteers to be effective leaders of sustainable, successful chapters. This is achieved in part by offering the opportunity to collaborate in productive, curriculum-driven educational sessions at Global Leadership Institute Meetings (LIMs) held several times a year virtually, in-person, or in a hybrid format. Learn about recent and upcoming LIMs at

Leadership Institute Master Class

The Leadership Institute Master Class (LIMC) is a year-long learning opportunity that is part of PMI’s continuing efforts to cultivate volunteers. This program is designed to provide intensive training and development in leadership techniques, strategic and business management practices and other key skills applicable to volunteer, career and interpersonal development. The program is currently being paused so we can explore delivery options that accommodate the new world we live in. Watch for updates and announcements in PMInsights.

LIMC Alumni Program

Graduates of the Leadership Institute program (see above) continue their leadership journey by interacting with the Alumni group on various platforms, and by attending PMI-provided offerings at Global Leadership Institute Meetings (LIMs) and at the Virtual LIMC Alumni Annual Conference. Learn more here.

Leadership Institute Volunteer Planning Meeting

An annual planning meeting that brings together approximately 200 of PMI’s global volunteers supporting our advisory groups, board support committees, and region mentors. This valuable meeting serves as an onboarding for new global volunteers, and provides opportunities for development, interaction and most importantly, planning for the new year.