Organizational Transformation: Foundation

PMI's new online course powered by Brightline®

Organizational Transformation: Foundation* was designed to train Project Managers on the fundamentals of navigating change, strengthening culture and promoting growth within transformation projects.

*This course leads to a Micro Credential in Organizational Transformation.

Change is inevitable, and organizations (just like people) must adapt in order to survive and thrive. Project managers are instrumental in transformational change, but organizations clearly don’t know how to transform given 70% of transformations failed in 2019 according to HBR.

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That’s why Brightline® (an Initiative under PMI) partnered with leading transformation experts to uncover where organizations are going wrong. Led by Dr. Behnam Tabrizi, the team researched over 1,000 transformations across the globe and condensed their findings into a comprehensive guide for driving successful transformations.


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Here are the facts when it comes to organizations responding to change

This course will start you on a journey to enabling you to help your organization achieve its major change initiatives


#1 Risk

A recent survey of directors, CEOs and senior executives found that transformation risk is their #1 concern in 2019.

The Wall Street Journal

loss graph


of large-scale transformation fail to meet their goals.

Harvard Business Review


$900 Billion

was wasted in digital transformation efforts in 2018.




of employees globally not engaged in their work.


“I have been working on transformation projects for over 20 years, including Agile transformations. I still learnt a LOT on this course and expanded my knowledge exponentially in a very short time.” 

Annie Sheehan, PMP, Author, Facilitator and Project Coach

Transformation is not a cookie-cutter exercise executed by armies of consultants; it requires a cultural shift from within!

Organizational Transformation: Foundation is the first course in the Organizational Transformation Series and is the start of your journey towards transformational enlightenment! We provide the tool kit deemed essential for understanding how organizations transform properly and efficiently.

The Organizational Transformation Series

Step 1: Foundation


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Foundation course on transformation building blocks and fundamental methodologies.

Step 2: Intermediate

2019 Annual Report Stakeholder Certs Section

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Intermediate course on managing rapid response teams and building core capabilities.

Step 3: Advanced


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Advanced course on capturing value and driving continuous growth and prosperity.

Take the leap to empower your Project Management team!

Project Managers are at the heart of transformation, and success occurs when organizations and the people in them share a vision and make a commitment to change. Is your team ready to start their journey?