Get Involved With Standards

Our global standards are developed through a voluntary consensus process that brings together volunteers and subject matter experts with an interest in the standards’ topics. The process relies on public feedback, so there are multiple ways for you to get involved in the activities.

Join a standards committee

Members of a PMI standards team will do the following:

  • Write the standard’s content, taking into consideration recommendations from the previous edition, market and other survey results, and new developments in project management.
  • Track disposition of all exposure draft comments, suggestions, and feedback, including any appeals and their resolution, with the assistance of PMI staff.
  • Review all text and graphics in the standard to make sure the information is clear, complete and relevant, revising as necessary.
  • Ensure that the content is harmonized with any other relevant PMI standards.
  • Prepare a report with a recommendation to the Standards Product Manager for concepts, approaches and tools that may be candidates for inclusion in future editions.

Opportunities to participate as a member of a PMI standards team are always posted on PMI’s VRMS platform at

Participate as a reviewer

PMI standards will be made available for public review before final approval and publication. PMI exposure drafts are a critical component in reaching consensus among the many stakeholders who include but are not limited to the development team, PMI members and project, program and portfolio professionals worldwide.

Exposure drafts are available for 30 days, during which you can read the draft document and provide recommmendations for changes. Exposure drafts will be announced through PMI's various communication channels, which may include the homepage of, community announcements, newsletters, and social media.

Check for available exposure drafts.

Comment on existing standards

  • PMI Standards Program Comment Form

    If you find an error in a PMI standard, have a question or a suggestion for changes, please use our comment form to submit your recommendations.

Finally, explore our volunteer opportunities for more ways to get involved.

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