PMIEF awards grants to nonprofits that support and prepare youth for success by providing financial support and offering our project management expertise, resources, and volunteers to aid them in their missions.

Grantmaking to Nonprofits and NGOs

PMIEF awards a limited number of grants each year to nonprofit organizations, supporting the incorporation of project management skills into their programs as well as internal capacity-building. We award grants to nonprofit organizations to invest in the development of young people by advancing project management knowledge. Multi-year funding may support activities that include integrating project management into existing youth skills-building curricula and expanding curriculum and course offerings to promote project management as a critical skill. Other activities may include evaluating the impact of project management on youth and establishing innovative models and delivery mechanisms to enable youth success through project management.

How to Apply

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See eligibility criteria and learn how to apply.


Eligible programs and organizations must:

  • Operate programs with a primary focus on working with youth aged 5–19 on skill-building, empowerment, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, leadership, project-based learning etc.;
  • Deliver programs in at least two countries;
  • Hold a 501(c)(3) or international equivalent;
  • Operate, organize and administer services without regard to race, religion, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability; and
  • Demonstrate a willingness to work closely with PMIEF to help youth succeed through project management.

Our grants fund projects which address the following goals:

  • Introduce and promote the use of project management as a life skill for youth ages 5-19;
  • Advance the understanding of project management (especially in populations who may be underrepresented);
  • Raise the awareness of project management in youth across the globe;
  • Encourage new ventures, models of delivery, and innovative strategies to enable youth success through project management; and 
  • All proposals must establish a plan for evaluating the impact of project management and sustaining the programming beyond the grant period.

If you are selected as a Youth-Serving Nonprofit Partner, PMIEF is committed to providing the support, expertise and consulting you need to help you integrate project management into your youth programs and increase your organization's project management capacity. This can include program development assistance, curriculum integration, project management training, coaching, and project management volunteers.