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  • Literature Review Expectations of Project Management Journal member content locked

    By Gary Klein and Ralf Müller We continue our series of editorials to provide authors with guidance for future submissions to Project Management Journal® (PMJ). Previous editorials from 2018 and 2019 considered…

  • Major Knowledge Diffusion Paths of Megaproject Management member content locked

    By Hengqin Wu, Xialong Xue, Zebin Zhao, Zeyu Wang, Geoffrey Qiping Shen, and Xiaowei Luo This article integrates social network analysis and main path analysis to investigate progress in megaproject management (MPM) from the perspective of knowledge diffusion. After measuring three…

  • Managing Software Development Projects for Success member content locked

    By Charles W. Butler, Leo R. Vijayasarathy, and Nicholas Roberts In general, project complexity and project dynamism are recognized as potent characteristics that influence, usually in a negative way, the outcome of software development projects. However, with…

  • The Influence of Justice Perceptions and Affective States on Project Managers' Responses to Client Opportunism member content locked

    By Smita Chaudhry, Bharatendu Nath Srivastava, and Chetan Joshi The contribution of psychological factors in project relationships has received limited attention. Taking the standpoint of vendor project managers, we examine their justice perceptions, affect, and…

  • Exploring the Role of Project Management in Product Development of New Technology-Based Firms member content locked

    By Ewa Sońta-Drączkowska and Matthias Mrożewski This article explores the role of project management in the product development of new technology-based firms (NTBFs). For this qualitative study, we conducted a series of semi-structured in-depth…

  • The Long Road to Benefits Management member content locked

    By Per Svejvig and Bjarne Rerup Schlicter This article reports on a four- year action research study, where the aims were to study benefits management at a detailed, practical level and to evaluate the benefits management practices applied.…

  • What Are the Causes and Cures of Poor Megaproject Performance? member content locked

    By Juliano Denicol, Andrew Davies, and Ilias Krystallis This systematic literature review explores the megaproject management literature and contributes by improving our understanding of the causes and cures of poor megaproject performance. The review…


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