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  • Project Management Journal Changes

    By Müller, Ralf | Klein, Gary Change is constant. In our discipline, we recognize that change presents both challenges and opportunities. With this issue, Project Management Journal® (PMJ) announces noteworthy changes that…

  • Virtues and Vices in Project Management Ethics

    By Ljungblom, Mia | Lennerfors, Thomas Taro Project management is omnipresent, yet the research on project management ethics is still lacking. Recent research stresses the importance of developing virtue ethics for project managers. This…

  • Corruption as a Source of Government Project Failure in Developing Countries

    By Damoah, Isaac Sakyi | Akwei, Cynthia A. | Amoako, Isaac Oduro | Botchie, David This study explores how corruption impacts the failure of government projects in developing countries with evidence from the Ghanaian context. This study solicits the perceptions of project…

  • Digging for Change

    By Marrewijk, Alfons van Delivering organizational change through interorganizational projects is a complex process, as several organizations must collaborate. The aim of this article is to understand how change and…

  • Contractual Complexity in Construction Projects

    By Wang, Wenqian | Chen, Yongqian | Zhang, Shuibo | Wang, Yu Building on the multifunctional perspective from current contract theory, we conceptualize contractual complexity as a three-dimensional construct to depict the explicitness and elaborateness of…

  • Tackling Project Management Competence Research

    By Nijhuis, Steven | Vrijhoef, Ruben | Kessels, Joseph The vast amount of previous research on project management competence does not provide a basis for educational needs. Analyzing previous research poses two challenges: the lack of a uniform list of…

  • Project Managers' Competences

    By Saunders Pacheco do Vale, João Walter | Nunes, Breno | Carvalho, Marly Monteiro de This article investigates the individual competences of project managers through a methodological approach that combines a systematic literature review and an analysis of employment opportunities. A…

  • The Influence of Behavioral Competencies on Project Performance

    By Gruden, Nika | Stare, Aljaž To raise awareness of the value of behavioral competencies of project managers, we carried out a quantitative survey to identify the importance and influence of competencies on efficient project…


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