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  • Introducing the Issue on Megaprojects

    By Klein, Gary | Aubry, Monique We complete our 2017 volume of Project Management Journal®; with a special issue on megaprojects—projects of enormous scope with associated increases in benefits, complexity, risks, and resources.…

  • The Past and Present of Megaprojects

    By Söderlund, Jonas | Sankaran, Shankar | Biesenthal, Christopher Megaprojects are "large-scale, complex ventures that typically cost US$1 billion or more, take many years to develop and build, involve multiple public and private stakeholders, are transformational…

  • Symbolic Megaprojects

    By Lopez Rego, Marcos | Irigaray, Helio Arthur Reis | Chaves, Renato Lago P. By combining an historical analysis of three megaprojects and an organizational theory approach based on the notion of symbolism-intensive organizations, this research attempts to shed light on how…

  • The Three Secrets of Megaproject Success

    By Shenhar, Aaron | Holzmann, Vered Past studies have often voiced concern that important megaprojects have repeatedly failed due to extensive overruns, misunderstanding of expectations, or both. In this article, we contend that this…

  • The Multivocality of Symbols

    By Marrewijk, Alfons van Megaprojects can be perceived as modern symbols, crucial for the encapsulation of ideas, attitudes, and beliefs. This study explores the exegetical meanings, or meanings derived from local…

  • Stakeholder Value Constructs in Megaprojects

    By Eskerod, Pernille | Ang, Karyne By definition, megaprojects consume numerous resources and impact numerous people, even across generations; it is therefore important that they bring considerable value to their initiators and other…

  • Competitive Precinct Projects

    By Harris, Mike Mixed-use megaprojects on state-owned land have been increasingly occurring around the world over the past few decades. This article reviews the body of literature that has emerged on these projects…

  • Dynamic Sublimes, Changing Plans, and the Legacy of a Megaproject

    By Gillett, Alex G. | Tennent, Kevin D. Global sporting events such as the FIFA (Féderation Internationale de Football Association) World Cup have been described as megaprojects. The motives of decision makers for undertaking megaprojects…

  • Symbols, Sublimes, Solutions, and Problems

    By Steen, John | Ford, Jerad A. | Verreynne, Martie-Louise In this article, we deploy Cohen, March, and Olsen's (1972) garbage can model of decision making to produce a different lens on the performance of megaprojects. Using a sample of firms involved in…

  • A Reflection of the State-of-the-Art in Megaproject Research

    By Söderlund, Jonas The Oxford Handbook of Megaproject Management edited by Bent Flyvbjerg is an important and certainly timely book. The interest in megaproject management has probably never been greater. This is…


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