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Projectified® is your go-to source for navigating the world of project management. Our podcast delivers engaging conversations with project professionals and individuals involved in steering project success, aiming to share knowledge while sparking inspiration and innovation. Through real-world experiences, interviews illuminate the intricacies and possibilities within the profession.

We explore topics designed to propel your career forward — from artificial intelligence and project leadership skills to career development and the future of evolving technology and ways of working. Our mission is to equip you with knowledge and ideas essential for thriving in the profession.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just venturing into project management, Projectified serves as a reliable learning source, helping you stay well informed and ready to make a meaningful impact through your projects.

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Recent Episodes

Headshots of Jack Casaccio and André Gonçalves

How to Create a Culture of Innovation

A strong innovation culture can transform organizations—seeding a first-mover mindset that empowers teams to discover whole new ways of thinking. Guests discuss strategies to develop mindsets and create spaces where team members feel comfortable to explore, the project management office’s growing role to nurture new ideas, and how to ensure innovation initiatives drive real value.

Headshots of Smith and Simiyu

Mentor and Mentee: Learning from One Another

There’s a generational shift in the workforce—and the newest members are bringing new ideas to mentorship. Our joint discussion with a mentor and mentee explores their experience and the shared benefits. The conversation includes strategies for discussing and setting career goals, the biggest lessons they’ve learned from one another, and how those learnings have helped advance their careers. Plus, why project professionals should consider mentorship.

Headshots of Terralynn Forsyth and Tatiana Cziomer

How Startups Are Reimagining Agile

Startups need to stay lean to deliver results in today’s stagnant global economy. As they reassess how to manage projects, startups are refining how they use agile. Guests discuss how their ways of working have evolved to meet the changing needs of their projects—and the marketplace—and how they’re finding opportunities to incorporate AI into agile.

Headshots of Luciano Lira and Yi Bao

Career Development: How Project Managers Can Thrive With AI

Artificial intelligence is transforming how project managers work, helping them build schedules, analyze data and identify risks. So what skills and knowledge will help project professionals thrive in the AI era? Guests discuss practical ways to build AI acumen—and how marketing your AI expertise can deliver a career advantage.


How to Balance Technology and Well-Being in the Digital Age

Today’s tech-driven ways of working often mean more efficiency and flexibility. But all that hyperconnectivity can be a risk to the well-being of project teams. Guests flag the potential warning signs for digital burnout—and how they set boundaries. They also explain how project leaders can support teams to preserve a healthy relationship with work-related tech.  
Headshots of Inês Machado Vaz and Stalin Ramirez Valenzuela

What’s Next? Navigating Your Project Management Career

A career in project management isn’t always linear. Some people gradually advance from one position to the next, while others come to the profession from a different career path altogether. Guests discuss the moves they’ve made, how they assess when they’re ready for a new role, what they’ve learned from opportunities that didn’t work out, and why you should always invest in yourself—so you’re ready for next opportunity before it arrives.


Using Technology to Make a Positive Social Impact

Technology is helping project teams make a positive social impact—an accelerator for addressing everything from the effects of climate change to gender equality. Guests discuss how they’re using tech in two projects: One helps adolescent girls develop skills in STEAM—science, technology, engineering, arts and math—to create future tech leaders and build a more inclusive sector. The other project pairs tech tools with Indigenous knowledge to ensure local communities can more safely travel across Canada’s arctic region.


How Project Teams Are Building Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

Building sustainable infrastructure doesn’t just protect people and the planet—it boosts the bottom line. Project teams must deliver assets that can withstand the extreme effects of climate change. Guests discuss the growing focus on climate-resilient infrastructure, how to manage stakeholders across project partners and communities, and which skills project professionals need to lead these initiatives. Plus, an in-depth discussion about a major infrastructure overhaul program in Peru, with projects focused on climate resilience and delivering long-term value.

JD_Harrison_Azeez_Onasoga_Rathi_Vijayaraghavan| PMI Projectified

Advancing Your Project Management Career in 2024

Navigating change is nothing new for project professionals. And this year is no different. How can being flexible and resilient help them seize job opportunities—and deliver value for organizations? Guests in this roundtable discussion talk about sector-specific job trends, the must-have skills needed to navigate challenges and how AI is changing project management now and in the years ahead.


Support System: Empowering Project Professionals to Find Better Ways of Working

In today’s ever-evolving project environment, project professionals need to be flex-ready problem solvers. But how do they learn to choose the right ways of working—or know when to anticipate the need to adapt to change? Guests discuss how they empower project professionals at their organizations to become strategic decision makers—whether it means tailoring ways of working to fit projects and teams or implementing new tech tools.


Nammi Sriharan & Lucy Todorovska | PMI Projectified

Women in AI: Pursuing Project Careers in Tech

There’s a glaring gender gap, in both artificial intelligence and project management. But as demand for AI talent surges, there’s an opportunity to close those gaps. Ahead of International Women’s Day, our guests discuss the gender gaps they’ve experienced in their careers in tech, how greater team diversity helps minimize algorithmic biases in AI projects, what they’ve learned from leading AI initiatives and building their AI expertise, and ways to help more women pursue careers in AI.

Alfred-Maina_Americo-Pinto | PMI Projectified

Level Up Your Project Management Career with Continuous Learning

Continuous learning helps project professionals keep up with the skills they need to excel in the profession—but it has to be done strategically. Guests discuss how to create a flexible and durable continuous learning strategy, how to balance upskilling with day-to-day project and personal responsibilities, which skills they see as must-haves for project professionals—today and in the future—and how PMO leaders can help project professionals in their continuous learning journeys.


How Volunteering Can Transform Communities and Your Career

Volunteering helps communities and organizations. But it also helps the volunteers who donate their time and skills. In a roundtable discussion, guests share how they started volunteering, how it has affected their careers and helped them grow as project professionals, the different ways they have taught project management skills to make initiatives run more efficiently and their advice to others looking to start their own community volunteering journey.
Nabtiti_Ghosh-Projectified | Projectified Podcast

AI Projects: The Big Benefits for Organizations

Artificial intelligence is now a mainstay for organizations. But given the lack of widespread use across enterprises, there’s room for growth. And project teams are leading the way, developing AI solutions that deliver value to their companies and customers. Guests discuss AI projects they’ve managed—including building an AI-enabled office and using AI tech to create digital twins—the risks they identified and managed throughout these initiatives, the skills and knowledge project professionals need to manage AI projects and how they see the demand for AI projects increasing in the years to come.

Johnnie-Stark_Nuha-Hashem | PMI Projectified

Project Professionals Making a Positive Impact

We know that projects drive change, and today, more and more project professionals are managing initiatives to deliver positive impacts across the globe. In a joint discussion, two 2023 PMI Future 50 leaders talk about why the world needs project professionals, and what sparked their passion to lead the innovative projects they’re managing today—one a major green energy initiative, the other a payment platform to increase youth financial literacy—plus their top advice for future project professionals.
Kenneth Harris II, PhD, and Kay Lingenauber I PMI Projectfied

Space Projects: Managing Innovation, Risk and Change

Space projects push boundaries, aiming to give teams a better understanding of our own planet and to explore what’s beyond. But these efforts are full of complexity, with evolving risks, new innovations, long timelines and fluctuations in funding. Guests discuss how the risk landscape is evolving in the space sector, how their teams adapt and problem-solve throughout a years-long project, and good practices for collaborating across global partners.

Victoria Toney-Robinson and Nikky Chen | PMI Projectified

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Project Teams

Diversity and inclusion are now mainstay focuses for organizations—but it can be challenging to find the right strategies to achieve diverse and inclusive team environments. Guests discuss practices that can help project professionals create diverse and inclusive teams, and the benefits of diversity to teams and the projects they execute, plus examples from their own careers on how diversity and inclusion affect teams and their outcomes.

Marilena-Koliavasili-Jonas-Ng | PMI Projectified

How to Promote Well-Being on Project Teams

Project professionals can help promote well-being in the workplace, making a positive impact on not only their own and their team members’ performance but also their overall mental health. Guests discuss how team members’ well-being affects project work, practices they utilize to maintain their own and their teams’ well-being, and how emotional intelligence, empathy and psychological safety can help, plus how to balance meeting project deadlines with caring for team members’ well-being.

Adriana_Pavon_Navarrete_Meena-Nandelli | PMI Projectified

Remote Leadership Tips: Developing Power Skills and Your Career

Teams are delivering projects no matter their location. As team members continue working in remote and hybrid environments, project professionals must find ways to develop their skills and grow their careers outside of an office. In a joint discussion, guests discuss how they lean into—and develop—power skills to effectively lead remote teams, ways to upskill outside a traditional office environment, their tips to resolve conflicts and ways to broaden your professional network while working remotely.
Kristian-Bainey Higor-Prado | PMI Projectified Podcast

Tips for Using Generative AI Tools in Project Management

Generative artificial intelligence tools, from ChatGPT to Bard, are changing the way people work—including how people lead teams and manage projects. Guests share tips to help project professionals write ChatGPT prompts that return better results, examples of how project managers are using generative AI tools to boost productivity and save time, and ways to mitigate risks like privacy and compliance issues or AI tools returning inaccurate information. Plus, find out how generative AI tools could change project management in the near future as well as in the long term.

Ayobamiji Iyiola _Omar Picone Chiodo | Projectified Podcast

Strategic Alignment - The Secret to Project Success

A project that doesn’t align with an enterprise’s objectives will never be considered a success. Guests discuss ways project professionals can determine their organization’s strategic priorities and engage with stakeholders to create success measures that everyone can stick to—and will drive the enterprise’s goals. Plus: how to manage projects and portfolios when a company’s priorities shift.
Rose-James_Mary-Tresa-Gabriel | PMI Projectified

Overcoming Burnout and Change Fatigue

Organizations always look for ways to innovate and improve, but continuous evolution without preparation and strategy can lead to change fatigue and burnout. Guests discuss the typical signs—and causes—of burnout and change fatigue, strategies project professionals can use to help their teams better manage change, creating safe spaces to discuss burnout, and how project leaders and organizations can support team members experiencing burnout or change fatigue.

FahadAhmed_YasminaKhelifi | Projectified Podcast

How Project Leaders Can Boost Their Personal Branding

Project professionals are boosting their personal branding—through blogs, speaking engagements and strong social media presences—not only to help them stand out as forward-thinking leaders but also to share their knowledge and give back to the project management community. In a joint discussion, guests discuss how they decided where to focus their personal branding efforts and their top tips for other project professionals looking to elevate their personal brand, plus how strong personal branding helped them gain greater visibility inside and outside their organizations and brought on more career opportunities.
Alexandre-Mariano-Vieira_Jessica-Montgomery | PMI Projectified Podcast

Project Leaders Embrace New Ways of Working

Introducing new ways of working to teams can be challenging, but it can also bring new insights and solutions that help teams deliver successful projects. Guests discuss how they implemented new ways of working — from greater use of agile techniques to hybrid approaches — how they built buy-in for these changes, the benefits to their projects, and advice for other project professionals looking to bring new ways of working to their teams and organizations. 

Tammy Ashraf Adeyinka Adeniran

The Rise of Value Streams and AI in Agile Approaches

Agile is moving further into the mainstream, and much like its name suggests, these approaches are evolving. Guests discuss how they’ve seen agile approaches advance throughout their careers and how design thinking, value streams and artificial intelligence are increasingly being used across agile—plus the skills project professionals need as organizations and teams across sectors further embrace agile approaches.

Tim-Wark_Rami-Kaibni |Projectified PMI

Cutting-Edge Technologies in Construction Projects

The construction sector is moving toward a more digital and connected future, with new technologies changing how teams are executing projects. Guests discuss how innovations, from digital twins and parametric design to augmented and virtual reality, are boosting efficiency on projects, how teams can build buy-in for adopting and experimenting with new tech and the skills project managers need to lead these next-gen construction projects.

Gordon-Yan-and-Mateusz-Jasny | Projectified Podcast

From Ransomware to Mobile Malware: Emerging Cybersecurity Risks

Companies across regions and sectors face myriad cyber threats from ransomware and phishing scams to attacks from professional cybercriminals. In response, organizations are launching cybersecurity projects to keep their companies’ and customers’ data secure. Guests discuss how companies are boosting cybersecurity capabilities in response to today’s major threats, how advances in artificial intelligence can both help and hinder cybersecurity efforts, and the skills and knowledge project managers need to lead successful cybersecurity initiatives.
Johanna Kolerski-Bezerra PMP and Alisa Vovk PMI-CAPM | Projectified PMI

Advice on Starting Your Project Management Career

How does someone break into project management? In a joint discussion, guests share how they started their project management careers, the top skills new project managers should develop and how organizations can help project leaders upskill. Plus, they share how certifications from PMI have given their career development a boost.
Brittany Brama and Oladele Iyiola PMP | PMI Projectified

Building Buy-In for Sustainability Projects

More and more businesses are realizing that sustainability projects are not just good for the environment—they also can improve an organization’s bottom line. But project managers need the right skills to get organizational support to deliver successful initiatives. Guests discuss how to build buy-in—from executive leadership to partner organizations—for sustainability projects, the skills project managers need to lead these initiatives and different ways to measure impact. Plus they share examples of projects that helped meet their organizations’ and customers’ strategic objectives while also helping the planet.

Niral-Rajani-and Dunola Oladapo | Projectified

Where Tech Tools and Human Skills Meet in Project Management

Artificial intelligence, big data, collaboration tools—project managers are using a bevy of new technologies to boost efficiency and improve project outcomes. Guests discuss how next-gen tech is changing how project managers lead projects, how technologies such as machine learning can help project leaders predict risk, complexity and resourcing, plus how skills such as empathy and collaboration remain key even in a tech-fueled world.

Ray-Jones-Carlos-Augusto-Fernandes-Filho | Projectified PMI Podcast

How to Build Resilient Teams

Resilience is a must-have for teams delivering projects in a disruptive and volatile world. Guests discuss the need for resiliency in today’s world of work, how organizations benefit from having resilient teams, and ways project leaders can build and nurture resilience, including examples of how they’ve accomplished this goal.

Janete Faustino, PMP, PfMP; Bharti Ochani, PMP; and Maeve O’Brien | Projectified Podcast

What It's Like to Be a Woman in Project Management

For International Women’s Day, Projectified® hosts a roundtable with three women project leaders to discuss what it’s currently like for women in project management, how teams benefit from diversity and how organizations can better support women leaders, plus questions they had for one another as fellow project leaders.
Fintech Innovation Risk Management | PMI Projectified Podcast

Fintech Innovation and Risk Management

Financial services companies—from established giants to new startups—face disruption from all sides. And as organizations explore innovations to meet new customer needs, they must do so while considering risk management. Guests discuss the biggest disruptions they’re seeing in the sector, how they infuse flexibility into teams, the impact agile approaches have on project success, and ways they encourage team members to innovate while keeping threats—and opportunities—in mind.

PMI Projectified Tips for 2023 | Projectified Podcast

Project Management Tips for 2023 and Lessons Learned From 2022

As we kick off 2023, project leaders are looking ahead to new challenges and opportunities as well as looking back at what they accomplished in 2022. Projectified® reconnected with previous guests to discuss the biggest changes they have seen in the world of projects over the last year, their top lessons learned, plus what they’re excited about—and the skills project managers need to succeed—in the year ahead.

Sunando Chaudhuri_B_Firat Dengiz | PMI Projectified

Making Project Portfolio Decisions—And Getting Buy-In

To deliver an organization’s strategic objectives, project leaders must be able to look across the portfolio and decide which projects should be pursued and which to put on the back burner—or to abandon entirely. Guests discuss the metrics and data they consider when making project portfolio decisions, how they work to keep stakeholders aligned to the organization’s goals, and ways to build buy-in from executive leaders and the C-suite by showing business value.
steve hebda alicia tkacz |pmi projectified

2022 Most Influential Projects: Creative Innovation

From feats of engineering and art to exploring the unknown, the 2022 Most Influential Projects showcase innovative and creative efforts from teams across sectors and regions. Guests discuss two of these projects: one bridges the physical and digital worlds to create ABBA’s immersive concert experience, the other pushes agricultural innovation to deliver the world’s largest vertical farm.

PMI-Projectified-Fiona-Rooban | Projectified Podcast

What is Ahead for PMOs?

In this Projectified® podcast, two PMO leaders discuss the importance of including PMOs in strategy planning, how PMOs can help adopt and encourage new ways of working and a vision for the future of the PMO.

Milie Taing Syed Ahsan Mustaqeem | Projectified Podcast

How Project Leaders Are Using AI

Artificial intelligence is no longer a futuristic concept. Project leaders are putting AI to use to boost efficiency and collaboration on projects. Guests discuss how project leaders are benefiting from AI—from automating tasks to analyzing data—how it can help teams deliver more value and how AI will change project leaders’ roles and the skills they need moving forward.

Swapna-Yadavalli-and-Manuel-Segura-Perez | Projectified Podcast

Why Project Leaders Need Power Skills

It’s time to lean into the power skills that help project professionals drive success. Projectified guests discuss why power skills are so essential, how they’ve used them to deliver more value and improve their teams’ results and ways to further develop these skills.

Anne-Cherouny-Amol-Pradhan | Projectified

How to Build Organizational Agility Into Company Culture

In today’s uncertain business landscape, companies must be more agile than ever, embracing new ways of working and nurturing a changemaker mindset across teams. Guests discuss the ROI of organizational agility, challenges enterprises face when building agility into company culture, and how project leaders can foster collaboration on their teams.

Graham Currie and Camile Machado

Modern Mobility: How Cities are Reimagining Public Transport

As urbanization increases worldwide, the public transportation sector is evolving. Teams are launching projects to meet changing consumer demands and employing new technologies with the goal of making public transport systems more sustainable, accessible and efficient. Guests discuss innovations in technology and infrastructure, how greater governance could impact projects across the sector and a pilot project that streamlines customers’ access to several urban transportation options.

Meriem-Lhammoumi and Iván-Jara

Pushing Innovation in Renewable Energy Projects

The energy sector is evolving, with organizations and governments alike rethinking their options to push for a more sustainable future. Guests discuss how green hydrogen can impact global decarbonization efforts, how innovative tech is boosting efficiency on solar projects, and the skills teams need to execute projects across the renewable energy sector.

Why ESG is Important to Project Leaders | Projectified PMI ESG

Why ESG is Important to Project Leaders

ESG is becoming both essential and fully integrated into every aspect of operations and culture. Learn how project teams are benefitting by incorporating ESG into their work.


Keeping Projects on Track Amid High Employee Turnover

Organizations are facing a massive shift in the workforce as people reevaluate what they want from their jobs. It’s up to project leaders to keep teams on track and to continue to deliver value in the face of high turnover and other challenges. Guests discuss how attrition can impact project teams, tips to keep team members engaged and ways to build resilience to resourcing challenges into projects.

Kathy-Christian Leke-Lovy

Top Leadership Tips From the PMI Future 50

PMI’s annual Future 50 shines the spotlight on rising project leaders who are creating a better future for all. Projectified spoke with three 2022 honorees about how their leadership styles have evolved, their lessons learned from their careers so far, and how they’re seeing fellow rising leaders change how projects are run and are making their mark.

Saad-Siddiqui Simon-Molnar

Smart Carts and Smart Tags - How Technology Is Disrupting Retail

With omnichannel shopping on the rise, consumer behaviors are changing. This is paving the way for a tech-fueled reset in retail, spanning brick-and-mortar stores and ecommerce alike. One guest discusses how their team took a customer-centric approach to create a smart shopping cart while another discusses a pilot project to give retail teams real-time data on products in stores to help make informed decisions.
Swarna Kazi Catherine McCandless Ignacio Urrutia

Protecting Communities With Coastal Resilience Projects

The climate crisis is impacting coastlines across the globe, with communities facing threats from rising sea levels and more frequent extreme weather events. In response, teams are launching projects to mitigate risks and build resilience. Guests discuss a 10-year effort to bolster portions of Bangladesh’s coastline and the project’s impact on local communities, plus how a team is engaging with stakeholders, including citizens, to plan coastal resilience efforts in the city of Boston in the U.S.


The Digital Government Transformation

Over the last decade, governments across the globe have launched digital transformation projects, from digitizing services to revamping their online presence for better citizen engagement. Guests discuss projects to improve efficiency and transparency between citizens and their government, building buy-in for e-government initiatives, and advice for project leaders leading digitization projects in the public sector. 


Digitizing Supply Chains and Manufacturing

From COVID-19 to materials shortages, the events of the past few years have wreaked havoc on the global supply chain. Organizations are responding with innovative projects to increase their resiliency. Guests discuss projects using technologies like 5G and AI to boost manufacturing capabilities and better predict—and respond to—change, whether due to consumer demand or supply chain disruptions.

Nadja Burkhardt Akseli Aho

In-Person, Virtual, Hybrid: How Events Are Changing

In the past few years, teams have had to rethink events of all types—conferences, award shows, concerts—to virtual or hybrid formats, innovating to keep attendees and audiences safe as well as engaged. We’ll hear how the Eurovision Song Contest adapted to keep the competition going through COVID-19, while another guest discusses using virtual tools and venues across the globe to host online and hybrid hackathons.


Project Leaders Fighting Climate Change

As the climate crisis intensifies, so does the pressure to do more to heal the planet. It’s an urgent call for project leaders to take action—and to innovate.

Pro Tips for Data-Driven Decision Making

Project leaders make decisions on a nearly non-stop basis: which resources to tap, whether to crash a schedule (or not), which feature might have to be cut to make budget. But they also have access to a wealth of information that can help them make the right call. Guests discuss where project leaders can get the information they need, and how technologies like AI and big data can help fuel decision-making.


Women Project Leaders on Challenges and Change

Women have faced an uphill battle in the workplace, especially during the pandemic. But they continue to make strides with game-changing projects across sectors and around the globe. Guests discuss how women are redefining what it means to be a project leader, the ways organizations can offer better support as well as their advice to other women.

elton soares malong dong

2022 Jobs Outlook for Project Leaders

Even with disruption and economic uncertainty, the job market for project talent is booming—and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Guests discuss how the changing world of work has brought new opportunities—and new demands—for project professionals.

Brannon Zahand Christina Papadimitriou

Accessibility In a Digital World

As digital transformation accelerates, companies may be leaving behind some users: the 1 billion people who experience some form of disability. Whether their project is in gaming or financial services, companies must ensure the digital world is an inclusive one. Guests discuss integrating accessibility into projects—right from the start.

antoinette de bont-christine devol image

Healthcare Innovation Keeping the Focus on Patients

COVID-19 has healthcare providers pursuing innovation like never before—but they must also ensure those cutting-edge ideas and technologies deliver value to patients. Guests discuss a European megaproject that infuses data science and healthcare, how project leaders can improve collaboration, and how one organization iterated and innovated to provide care to cancer patients through the pandemic.

projectified s4p26 headshots

Looking Back at 2021 and Ahead to 2022

As 2021 comes to an end, project leaders are looking back at what they’ve accomplished—and looking ahead to 2022. Projectified® reconnects with guests from the last year to discuss the lessons they’ve learned, the biggest changes they’ve seen, the emerging must-have skills and what lies ahead in the new year.

Michal Raczka Kimwood Mott

The Future of Fintech: Customer Centricity Fuels Innovation

The financial services sector is evolving—using new technologies to meet changing customer preferences. Guests discuss the demographic shifts prompting new fintech projects, the need to keep customer habits front and center, and the influence of emerging tech like AI and machine learning.

Tim Munden

Humility and Vulnerability: The New Leadership Mindset

Change is constant in The Project Economy. And that means leaders must adapt and evolve, too. Guests discuss how leadership strategies are shifting and offer hands-on advice for bringing out the best in teams.

jermey gajadhar pierrik vuilleumier

One Giant Leap for Space Exploration

Buckle up—the world is entering a new era of spaceflight as startup commercial ventures join forces with government agencies. Guests from Virgin Galactic and the European Space Agency discuss turning out-of-this-world ideas into reality and what’s next for space exploration.

josh katz patrick omondi

Leadership Lessons from Most Influential Projects 2021

PMI’s 2021 edition of Most Influential Projects highlights nearly 250 initiatives that deliver serious innovation in everything from healthcare to mobility. Guests discuss two of those projects: one delivering a first-of-its-kind NFT package for music fans, the other delivering Kenya’s first systematic wildlife census.

Innocentia Mahlangu Casey Canfield

Infrastructure: Tackling the Needs of Today and Tomorrow

Infrastructure projects form the bedrock of modern society­—delivering expressways, clean water supplies, internet access and a bevy of other essentials. Yet project leaders must also ensure these initiatives deliver value now—and for decades to come. Guests discuss how they think about future-proofing infrastructure projects, the need for meaningful stakeholder engagement and the potential for true social impact.

gaurav batra dan oshea

Next-Gen Mobility: Building the EV Ecosystem

As the world grapples with the effects of climate change, consumers are increasingly interested in electric vehicles. And that means lots of projects, not just to deliver cool new products, but also the underlying infrastructure that supports them. Guests discuss the current state of e-mobility—and what’s next.

Maxine Holt

Data Lockdown: Managing Cybersecurity Risk

Data fuels collaboration and innovation—but it can also be a vulnerability. Guests discuss the cyber threats organizations are facing, how teams can keep data secure, and why security—and risk—should be top of mind from the start of any project.

raquel selem moreira marianna sarmiento

Project Leaders Solving Complex Problems: Top Tricks and Tips

With disruption a near constant, project leaders must be able to solve complex problems in uncertain situations. Guests discuss how they break down and solve problems using design thinking and PMI’s Wicked Problem Solving framework.
Projectified Headshots

Cities of the Future: The New Urban Development

When the pandemic hit, many hallmarks of city life—public transportation, skyscrapers with shared amenities, bustling streets—flipped from pros to cons. But don’t count cities out. Guests discuss how project teams are reimagining the urban environment—making it more sustainable, equitable and resilient. 

pascale sablan-jon michail speakers

Personal Branding for Project Leaders

Companies aren’t the only ones that can tap the power of a great brand story. In today’s competitive world of work, career-focused project leaders are learning to set themselves apart from the pack by crafting their own personal brand. Guests share how to build a brand that reinforces your mission and how to use that brand to boost your career. 

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