Building Resilience at Work with a Positive Mindset

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Course Description

Over the last few years, the world—and the ways we work within it—have changed significantly. Many of us have traded in our long commutes and cubicles for quiet mornings that start with remote team meetings. There’s no denying that remote work environments are beneficial. However, they still present challenges like mental fatigue, stress, disengagement, and lack of clear communication, especially in times of crisis, difficulty, or distraction.

So, it’s crucial for leaders and their teams to equip themselves with the tools, resources, and strategies necessary to overcome these challenges. Fortunately, our comprehensive online course “Building Resilience at Work with a Positive Mindset” provides teams everything they need to stay calm, productive, and professional, even when faced with stressful situations.

During this course you will: 

  • Learn strategies to enhance your communication skills 

  • Work on building resilience to manage and overcome stress

  • Cultivate a positive, growth-centric mindset 

  • Gain an understanding of “managing up" and how it applies to your work

  • Learn how to take accountability for personal productivity 

  • Discover strategies to enhance collaboration and teamwork  

Take this course and learn to make the most of your workday by learning new strategies for building resilience and maintaining a positive mindset.

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