Construction Technology and Innovation

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Amplify Your Projects with the Latest Technology and Innovative Best Practices

Technology and innovation play a key role in fundamentally transforming the industry by helping professionals increase the productivity and profitability of their projects - and effectively manage risk. Leverage this powerful driving force in your next project by learning:

  • How the concept of innovation can be applied throughout the project lifecycle

  • How to identify and overcome barriers when implementing innovative solutions in the built environment

  • How to cooperate with project stakeholders to identify and select the best possible technology solutions

Estimated time to complete the course: 4 to 6 hours

About the PMI Construction Professional (PMI-CP) Certification

This course is one of three advanced courses that are offered as additional training on top of the PMI Construction Professional (PMI-CP) certification.

The world is relying on construction professionals and organizations more than ever before, with US$3.5 trillion in global economic infrastructure investment needed per year through 2035, according to McKinsey.

As the world’s leading project, program and portfolio management association, PMI — in collaboration with leading construction organizations and professionals around the globe — has developed the PMI-CP certification. This certification is designed to equip project professionals with the skills needed to transform the global construction industry and bring large, complex projects to life.

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Upon completion of the course, you will be eligible to test your understanding to earn a badge.

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