Intentional Leadership Styles: A Journey for ERG Leaders

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Course Description

Employee Resource Group leaders are incredibly important people. They’re integral to fostering community, providing crucial resources, and acting as passionate advocates for the diverse communities they serve. More than that, ERG leaders are often the first to create a catalyst for real change in organization standards and structures. 

But these heroes don’t get their superpowers overnight. Becoming an incredible ERG leader is a journey. Let our DEI Leader Camps and Courses be the first steps you take in your ERG leadership journey. Through each course, you will gain the mindsets, skills, and leadership styles necessary to fully appreciate and engage with the fundamental concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

By the end of your journey with us, you will understand how to: 

  • Facilitate inclusive discussions and motivate and engage with others

  • Positively influence colleagues at every level of your organization

  • Adopt a growth mindset and an ability to plan and prioritize strategically

  • Cultivate a deep emotional intelligence and promote your work with intention

  • Build a strong foundation of resilience, grit, and stress management 

Explore our Intentional Leadership Styles: A Journey for ERG Leaders series and become the type of leader that thrives on engagement, inclusion, and constant growth.

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