Sense & Respond: Planning Agile Projects

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Course Description

With almost no exception, every project manager today must be familiar with agile ways of working. This isn’t limited to tech projects. Agility ensures that as you execute your plans new information the team learns along the way gets synthesized, considered and implemented where it most makes sense.

However, many teams struggle to build a successful agile collaboration. This is because they lack a foundation of how to work together, how best to listen to each other and consider diverse points of view and ultimately build agile project plans that best fit the ever-changing reality on the ground.

This four-hour course was designed for project managers working in organizations that have adopted or are now starting to adopt agile ways of working. In addition, this course will benefit the teams these project managers lead. Finally, colleagues in business analysis, product management and leadership will learn how to best partner and communicate with your agile teams so they should attend as well.

Course Learning Objectives

• How to build a shared foundation for the ways your agile team will work together using Team Working Agreements.

• Why active listening and productive interviewing of colleagues, customers and stakeholders is the fastest way to build shared understanding and alignment.

• How declaring the assumptions you have about the teams and disciplines you work with begins the process of building empathy for the needs of others and ensures they are considered in our ways of working and project plan.

• How to build an agile roadmap and project plan focused on outcomes -- meaningful changes in human behavior -- rather than outputs.

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