Essential Finance Concepts for Non-Finance Professionals

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Topics: Career Development, Cost Management
Industry: Advertising & Marketing, Aerospace & Defense, Agriculture & Food Industry, Business Products & Services, Construction, Consulting, Consumer Products & Services, Education, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Media and Publishing, Nonprofit Organizations, Pharmaceutical, Science & Research, Sports & Entertainment, Telecommunications, Transportation & Infrastructure

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Course Description

Understanding your company’s financial well-being is imperative, whether you work in a finance position or not. After all, finance is at the heart of every business and having the knowledge to be effective in activities that involve financial implications is crucial.

Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to positively contribute to your company’s financial well-being with our “Essential Finance Concepts for Non-Finance Professionals” course. This comprehensive class takes you on an educational journey based on real-time market research from Burning Glass Technologies with a specific focus on the role of finance for non-finance professionals in organizations. 

Throughout the course, you will: 

  • Learn the basics of accounting, budgeting, finance, and more 

  • Gain understanding of key financial, income, and cash flow statements, balance sheets, etc.

  • Learn to identify problems and potential solutions to basic finance issues 

  • Learn how to manage costs effectively and contribute to the financial success of your business

  • Become familiar with computational thinking in conjunction with human intelligence

  • Use your new skills to inform precise problem-solving and decision-making in basic finance situations

Explore all that our course has to offer and learn how to unleash the full financial power of your company by playing an active role in its financial well-being.

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