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PM Network August 2016

Featured PM Network Articles

  • Prescription for the Future placeholder image

    Healthcare and IT are integrating. It’s not just electronic records. Project teams are developing diagnosis apps and video consultation services. Scope creep is prevalent.

  • Respect from the Start placeholder image

    Young, early-career project managers seeking to command more respect should deliver results and be a good person to work with. Leadership skills are key.

  • In Search of Alignment placeholder image

    Four enterprise PMO leaders discuss how they built C-suite buy-in in order to deliver results. They also tell how EPMOs can increase alignment to organizational strategy.

  • Projects on the Map: Vietnam placeholder image

    The world’s ninth-fastest-growing economy is a manufacturing powerhouse. The country needs US$200 million in infrastructure projects to sustain growth..

  • Threat Assessment placeholder image

    Data projects are underway to help counterterrorism organizations keep pace with attacks. A challenge is making the data easier to share across borders.

  • And there's more placeholder image

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