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PM Network July 2016

Featured PM Network Articles

  • Fairground for the World placeholder image

    Project managers for Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy began planning during a recession. Collaboration skills came in handy when dealing with stakeholders from 140 countries.

  • Banking on Mobile placeholder image

    You can bank on it—the number of mobile banking users is expected to double in five years to 2 billion. Banks are using gaming design to create engaging experiences.

  • Earth's Final Frontier placeholder image

    Just 5 percent of our oceans’ floors have been explored. Project teams are building new tools and technologies to expand the search. They can expect multiple risks.

  • Taking It in Stride placeholder image

    Negative feedback can be difficult, but there are techniques you can employ to find the positive and grow from the experience.

  • Combining Forces placeholder image

    The real work related to mergers and acquisitions happens after the deal is signed and closed. Project managers are in great demand for work related to integrating companies.

  • And there's more placeholder image

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