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PM Network October 2016

Featured PM Network Articles

  • Lighting the Way placeholder image

    A U.S. Department of Energy team wins the 2016 PMI Project of the Year Award for its project to create a photon microscope. The tool will enable better understanding of nanoscale materials.

  • Bad Influence placeholder image

    Negative behavior is bad news for a project team. Here’s how to handle the hothead, the credit hog, the overly chatty, the lone wolf and the minimalist.

  • Everything in One Place placeholder image

    Governments are taking a cue from the private sector and adopting building information modeling for its infrastructure projects. The result is control, consistency and coordination.

  • Multiple Choice placeholder image

    Are you juggling two or more projects at the same time? “Getting It Done” presents several techniques to help you do a better job and avoid losing time when you switch tasks.

  • 2016 PMO of the Year Finalists placeholder image

    Organizations rely on these PMOs to meet their strategic goals. Learn about PMOs at BC Hydro (Canada), Entel (Chile) and global firm Parker Aerospace.

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    See the complete issue online for the latest and greatest from the world of project management.


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