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PM Network January 2017

Featured PM Network Articles

  • 2017 Jobs Report

    2017 Jobs Report placeholder image

    Our annual jobs report focuses on the economic outlook for India, Germany, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, China and the United Kingdom. Learn where the best opportunities are.

  • Ready for a New Mission placeholder image

    Research shows that more than two-thirds of military veterans have project management skills. Landing a civilian job requires learning new terminology.

  • Walk Before You Run placeholder image

    Is your team new to agile? Here are several effective ideas to break into agile slowly and carefully.

  • Demystifying Leadership

    Demystifying Leadership placeholder image

    Leadership is a skill, one that project managers can sharpen. To improve your team, focus on the vision, be able to say no, brainstorm on the fly and be a coach.

  • Real Possibilities

    Real Possibilities placeholder image

    Artificial intelligence has the potential to allow project managers to focus on higher-value work. AI-assisted tools could mean project monitoring and schedule changes will require less time.

  • And there's more placeholder image

    See the complete issue online for the latest and greatest from the world of project management.


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