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PM Network February 2017

Featured PM Network Articles

  • Musical Influences

    Musical Influences placeholder image

    One of the most famous bands in history, The Rolling Stones, brought a new level of stakeholder meticulousness to a memorabilia project. See how the project team brought them satisfaction.

  • At Your Service

    At Your Service placeholder image

    In today’s social media era, project managers must weave in customer insights and needs throughout product development. Learn how to have a customer-centric mindset.

  • Outsourcing Done Right

    Outsourcing Done Right placeholder image

    If your organization is going to outsource its project management, it should avoid later challenges by addressing certain issues at the beginning.

  • Local Talent Show

    Local Talent Show placeholder image

    Many U.S. cities are requiring developers to hire a certain percentage of workers locally. Project leaders will need to focus on training and talent development.

  • Games Plan

    Games Plan placeholder image

    The teams that presented the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio learned lessons from previous games hosts and reined in spending. Future Olympic cities’ officials came to Rio to learn for their own games.

  • And there's more

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    See the complete issue online for the latest and greatest from the world of project management.


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