Construction Professional in Built Environment Projects (PMI-CP)

Transform the construction industry.

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to help build a better tomorrow. The Construction Professional in Built Environment Projects (PMI-CP) is the newest offering from PMI for construction organizations and professionals around the globe.  Watch video

  • Includes 7 e-learning courses, 3 of which can earn you micro-credentials, and a capstone exam to earn full PMI-CP certification
  • Enroll in prerequisite courses, or register for the exam if you already qualify
  • The courses can be taken on your schedule and at your own pace 
  • Stand out in a competitive, growing industry, set to outpace both manufacturing and service sectors

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Find out if it’s for you.

Whether you’re in the front office or overseeing excavation, the PMI-CP certification has something for everyone in the construction industry. 

Construction Professionals-Project Managers

Project Managers

Understand the principles of effective communication among various stakeholders in large, complex construction projects. 

Construction Professionals-Engineers


Learn how to design and execute even the most ambitious moon-shot engineering and construction jobs. 

Construction Professionals-Executives


Get a handle on minimizing risk and maximizing profitability while leading your team to the successful completion of your organization’s project. 

Check eligibility.

To be eligible for the PMI-CP certification, you must first complete 4 e-learning courses and 3 course and micro-credential bundles, and have 3 years of experience in the construction/built environment field. Once completed, you may take the certification exam. The certification will be rewarded upon exam passage.

Exam Price: $499.00

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Course and Micro-Credentials

Built Environment

Project Communication Pro

4-6 hours/6 PDUs

Understand the principles of effective communication in construction projects, including how to overcome cultural communication differences.

Discover the BEPC Micro-Credential

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Built Environment Project Communication Pro Micro-Credential Badge

Performance and Materials Management Pro

4-6 hours/6 PDUs

Drive metrics-oriented performance management processes to increase transparency, reduce waste, and proactively address global supply chain challenges.

Discover the BEPM Micro-Credential

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Technology and Innovation Pro

4-6 hours/6 PDUs

Lead profitable execution of construction projects by understanding how to implement modern technologies and innovations across various project teams and organizational cultures.

Discover the BETI Micro-Credential

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Built Environment Technology and Innovation Pro Micro-Credential Badge

Course only

Built Environment

Interface Management

4-6 hours/3 PDUs

Master the essential skill of managing communications, relationships, and deliverables among various stakeholders in large, complex construction projects.

Discover Interface Management

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Scope and Change Order Management

4-6 hours/3 PDUs

Learn to take control of scope creep and effectively manage change orders in large engineering and construction projects.

Scope and Change Order Management

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Contract and Risk Management

4-6 hours/5 PDUs

Understand best practices to implement throughout the contract lifecycle and how to prioritize project risks to ensure that high impact risks are managed effectively.

Discover Contract and Risk Management

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Execution Planning

4-6 hours/3 PDUs

Discover new planning and execution approaches to improve project outcomes at all stages of the project life cycle, including Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), Last Planner System (LPS), and more.

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Important Resources

Download the exam content outline to familiarize yourself with each exam section.

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Each of the 7 e-learning modules that comprise the Construction curriculum are PDU earning modules. These PDUs can be applied to any certification renewal.

The PMI-CP is a full certification. The required components to earn this credential are to complete 7 e-learning modules, to earn the 3 related micro-credentials, have 3+ years-experience in the Construction/Engineering/Built Environment industry and to pass the comprehensive PMI-CP certification exam.

Yes, the requirement for maintaining this certification is 30 PDUs within a 3-year window. The associated micro-credentials, which are part of this curriculum, do not expire. Once earned, they are yours.

If you have already completed one of the 7 e-learning modules, that fact will be reflected in your PMI library and you will be one step closer to earning full accreditation.

Each of the 7 e-learning modules is quite comprehensive with additional downloadable case studies and readings. Each module can take you anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to complete. You do not have to run through them from beginning to end in one sitting, you can stop wherever you like and pick up again at that spot when you are ready to continue. This allows you to learn in smaller, digestible chunks.