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Earning the PMI Construction Professional (PMI-CP) certification is your gateway to construction industry excellence. Check out our best advice on how to prepare for your PMI-CP exam, so you’re ready for the big day!

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Effective Ways to Prepare for the PMI-CP Exam

Effective preparation for the PMI-CP exam is crucial, even if you have advanced experience and education in construction project management. Gaining relevant knowledge through learning modules or instructor-led training is the best way to prepare for the exam. It’s also necessary to qualify for the PMI-CP exam application.

PMI-CP E-learning Modules

Get construction project management knowledge with our self-paced e-learning modules. These modules use real-world scenarios, principles, and concepts to prepare you for the exam.

Top Reasons to Take Our Official Self-Paced Online PMI-CP Courses:

  • Set Your Own Study Schedule: The PMI-CP courses are self-paced, allowing you to tailor your course schedule to your needs.
  • Meet Exam Eligibility: PMI-CP courses satisfy the training requirements you must have to apply for the PMI-CP certification.
  • Self-Study: If you work better on your own or just need a refresher, PMI-CP courses are the perfect option for you!
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PMI-CP Instructor-Led Training


Connect with a PMI Authorized Training Partner for instructor-led courses that satisfy the training requirement you need to apply for PMI-CP certification. The course material is aligned with the PMI-CP exam content outline, and you can benefit from:


  • Working with a PMP-certified instructor with extensive experience in the construction industry.
  • Learning with a group of like-minded peers that help you reach your goals.
  • Finding a program that works with your schedule and create a structured exam prep routine.

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