Why You Should Get the PMP®

The PMP Sets the Global Standard

Earning your Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification opens the door to a world of opportunities. It provides the professional credibility to aim higher and earn more. Discover the benefits of earning the PMP.

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Top Reasons to Earn Your PMP® Certification

Earn More

It’s a fact—in most industries and locations worldwide, you earn more as a PMP certified project leader.

The PMI Earning Power: Project Management Survey—Twelfth Edition (2021) reports that PMP-certified respondents in 40 countries make an average of 16% more than their non-certified counterparts. This percentage increases 32% for PMP holders in the U.S.

In addition to a one-time salary increase, 22% of respondents report an increase of at least 5% over the year.

32% higher

Median salary for PMP holders in the U.S. (and 16% higher globally) than those without certification.
Source: Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey - Twelfth Edition.

Sustainable Benefits chart


Expand Your Career Opportunities

Organizations across the globe look for PMP-certification. Some even require it as a pre-requisite.

Why? Because the PMP is a world-renowned certification that verifies valuable experience in leading and directing projects. And it opens doors to better jobs and projects.

So, add the PMP behind your name and put yourself in high demand.

Created by project professionals for project leaders, the PMP validates that you have the project management skills employers need. The demand for skilled project managers increases every day. So, increase your marketability and see what exciting opportunities await you with the PMP certification.

plus 25 million

25M new project management employees needed to meet global talent demands by 2030 with 2.3 million annual job openings.

How PMP® Certification Pays Off

Hear how investing in themselves by earning the PMP has opened doors and created new opportunities for these project leaders.


Tap Into a Growing Community

Earning your PMP means joining a global community that empowers you to:

  • Network with the best in your field
  • Seek insight from professionals facing similar challenges
  • Find mentors and peers who help you thrive

Joining our elite community also provides opportunities to:

Through these community engagements, you’ll get valuable insight from our resources and other PMP certified professionals. And as you grow with our community, you could even mentor fellow professionals yourself.

Now it’s your time. Invest in yourself and take your career to the next level with PMP certification.


PMP certification holders worldwide.

growing community

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