New PMI-ACP Exam Launched 26 March

The updated PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® exam was launched on 26 March 2018, which harmonizes with terminology in the Agile Practice Guide (released in September 2017). The previous exam content outline (based on the most recent role delineation study from 2014) is still relevant.

Please note: the new Agile Practice Guide has been added to the list of reference materials for the exam. 

Why Are Certification Exams Updated with the Release of a New PMI Publication?

Whenever a new PMI publication (a Standard or a Practice Guide) is released or updated that is a reference for the certification exam — such as the Agile Practice Guide — our certification examinations undergo a lexicon update to ensure the exam questions align with the new or updated terminology.

Just the Facts

  • The updated PMI-ACP exam launched on 26 March.
  • The exam content outline remains the same, but the updated version of the exam may reference the Agile Practice Guide.