Chapter Guest Pass Program
Give PMI members a taste of chapter life!

Chapter Guest Pass Program

New for 2021 - Chapter Guest Pass +

Chapters can receive more reimbursement up to US$1500 and now rewards. Find out how this can help you in chapter member recruitment efforts.

Give PMI members a taste of chapter life!

Currently, 60% of PMI members belong to a chapter. To increase chapter growth and improve retention rates, chapters have suggested a special campaign to engage the 40% of PMI members that may not be aware of a local chapter, or its benefits and activities.

The Chapter Guest Pass program has been introduced as part of PMI’s effort to support chapter sustainability. This program introduces PMI members who have not yet joined their local chapter to discover the benefits and the value of participation at no additional cost for the remainder of their membership cycles. The net effect of the introduction is intended to positively impact overall retention and growth.

Your chapter’s participation is crucial to the success of this program. Both the chapter and members receive tremendous value from offering the Chapter Guest Pass, such as:

  • Membership growth
  • Additional networking from the potential members
  • Engagement of new members
  • Source for new contributors for value-based activities such as knowledge creation
  • Chapter's improved revenue stream (upon renewal)

How does the program work?

The program allows PMI members who have not yet joined their local chapter to try out chapter membership for free. Chapters enroll in the Chapter Guest Pass program by completing an online form to request “passes.” PMI Global Operations Center then provides a set of unique coupon codes to the leader, which the chapter distributes to potential chapter members to cover the cost of chapter membership. The Chapter Guest Pass is valid for one-time use from the point of initiation through the end of the member’s current PMI membership cycle. Therefore, we encourage you to promote the opportunity to PMI members who are less than six months into their PMI membership to allow them adequate time to become fully immersed in your chapter and its activities.

Request a Chapter Guest Pass

Can I get dues reimbursement?

Chapters who participate in the program will be reimbursed the chapter dues for each member who uses a Chapter Guest Pass promo code, up to a maximum reimbursement of US$500 per calendar year for the chapter. Each year, your chapter has another opportunity to be reimbursed US$500 by participating! Reimbursement occurs following the quarter that the chapter reaches the maximum, or following the close of the fourth quarter if the maximum is not reached.

Can my chapter continue to use the program after we reach the $500 maximum reimbursement?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of codes you can request and use. Beyond the $500 reimbursement, the cost of providing chapter benefits and services to new members under the program will be absorbed by the chapter without dues payment. Many chapters go beyond the reimbursement limit with the expectation that new members will renew in future years.

What is the 500 Club?

Get recognized among your peers for your commitment to member engagement. Chapters that reach the $500 reimbursement level are automatically enrolled in PMI’s Chapter Guest Pass 500 Club. They’ll receive recognition with occasional announcements in PMInsight, along with a web banner congratulating the chapter as a 500 Club member, that they can post on their chapter webpage.

Visit the PMInsight Site

Where can we promote the program?

Consider promoting the Chapter Guest Pass Program at your events, on your website, and through push communications to your chapter’s potential members, using lists obtained through the Chapter Reporting System.

What tools exist to help us promote the program?

A flyer, HTML eBlast template, and a rotating online banner ad have been created to help you promote the program to potential members. All of these useful tools are available to you now in the Marketing Portal>Browse Media Library>Categories>Chapter Guest Pass.

Visit the Marketing Portal

How can my chapter get involved?

The process is simple! Complete the Chapter Guest Pass Program form.

Once a request is submitted, you will receive your promotional codes within 7-14 business days and should begin your marketing efforts immediately.

Complete the Chapter Guest Pass form

Where can we submit questions and feedback?

Please submit all questions and feedback to [email protected].


500/ 1000/ 1500 Club Members - 2021

These chapters have hit the goal by attaining 500 / 1000 / 1500 Club membership in 2021. Join them by attaining up to the US$1500 maximum reimbursement level this year!

(Update as of 6 July 2021)

1500 Club
PMI Bogota, Colombia Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Budapest, Hungarian Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Cameroon Chapter  (Q2)
PMI France Chapter  (Q1)
PMI Ghana Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Ireland Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Japan Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Khaleeji FZ LLC (UAE) Chapter  (Q1)
PMI Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Chapter  (Q1)
PMI Malaysia Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Melbourne, Australia Chapter  (Q1)
PMI Nigeria Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Palmetto Chapter  (Q2)
MI Poland Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter  (Q2)
PMI South Africa Chapter  (Q2)
PMI United Kingdom Chapter  (Q2)

1000 Club
PMI Central Virginia Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Germany Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Japan Chapter  (Q1)
PMI Madrid, Spain Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Manitoba Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Montreal Chapter  (Q1)
PMI Mumbai Chapter  (Q2)
PMI San Diego Chapter  (Q2)
PMI United Kingdom Chapter  (Q1)

500 Club
PMI Alamo Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Angola Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Bangalore, India Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Bangladesh Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Budapest, Hungarian Chapter  (Q1)
PMI Bulgaria Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Cameroon Chapter  (Q1)
PMI Chennai Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Dallas Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Delaware Valley Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Ghana Chapter  (Q1)
PMI Greece Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Ireland Chapter  (Q1)
PMI Jordan Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Karachi Pakistan Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Kenya Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Lahore, Pakistan Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Lebanon Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Mauritius Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Metrolina Chapter  (Q1)
PMI Nigeria Chapter  (Q1)
PMI Northern Italy Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Panama Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Pearl City, Hyderabad Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Pernambuco, Brazil Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Philippines Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Poland Chapter  (Q1)
PMI Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Romania Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Rwanda Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Sergipe, Brazil Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Silver Spring Chapter  (Q2)
PMI South Africa Chapter  (Q1)
PMI South Florida Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Sweden Chapter  (Q1)
PMI Tanzania Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Trivandrum, Kerala Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Tunisia Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Zagreb Croatia Chapter  (Q2)
PMI Zimbabwe Chapter  (Q2)