Disciplined Agile

DA Champions for PMI Chapters

Opportunity for PMI Chapters to Establish Disciplined Agile® (DA) Champions

Disciplined Agile continues to be a hot topic among PMI Chapters. Each chapter has the opportunity to come along this new journey through learning, sharing, and engaging. Learn about DA, what it is and what opportunities are available for your chapters. Share insights and experiences with other DA Chapter Champions (DACC) and your chapter members. Engage your chapters in webinars with key-note presentations, training for chapter members, and using the DA Way of Working (WOW) for your chapter projects and events. 

Each chapter may designate only one DACC Single Point of Contact. It is this chapter position with a chapter email that will receive a complimentary Disciplined Agile Membership. Keep in mind that this membership is assigned to the role, rather than the person.

The DACC Program is your opportunity to get engaged with DA and bring DA resources to your communities. Per the VRMS DACC Role, the DACCs are expected to provide basic DA presentations, create DA events, as well as facilitate training for chapter members. Remember, per the DACC role description, to avoid any potential conflict of interest, the DA Chapter Champion is not permitted to provide training for a fee at their local chapter.

The decision to participate as a DA Champion is a chapter decision, based on fulfilling member needs (“know your community”). The chapter board should decide if it wants to have a DA Champion. To get involved, the chapter president will send the name and email of their designee to their chapter partner to [email protected].

December 2021