Disciplined Agile

Grow Team Members

This ongoing process goal describes how we will support our team members in their personal and professional growth. This process goal is highly related to the People Management and Continuous Improvement process blades that focus on helping people at the organization level. To be effective, we need to consider two important questions:

  • How will we help people improve their skillset?
  • How will we help people to manage their careers?
  • How will we sustain the team over time to enable people to grow? 
2021 Project Management Institute Grow Team Members v5.2 Improve Skills and Knowledge Assess skills/knowledge Book clubs Coach office hours Communities of practice (CoPs)/guilds Embedded coach Hackathons Mentoring Nonsolo work Open spaces Training (face to face) Training (virtual) Provide Feedback 360-degree review Annual review Continuous/regular feedback Manager review Self-assessment Team lead review Sustain Team Coach Improve diversity Improve inclusion Mentor Psychological safety Recognize and appreciate Sustainable pace Whole team

Figure 1. The Grow Team Members process goal diagram (click to enlarge)

You can use the DA Browser to learn more about the options in the goal diagram of Figure 1. 

Why This is Important

There are several reasons why this goal is important:

  1. People, and the way we work together, are key to our success. Remember the first value from the Agile Manifesto: “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.”
  2. Motivated people are effective people. In Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Daniel Pink argues that autonomy, mastery, and purpose are what motivates people. This process goal focuses on providing opportunities for people to master their craft. Furthermore, the Develop Common Vision process goal promotes the idea of teams with purpose and the Coordinate Activities process goal captures strategies for enabling autonomy.
  3. Solution delivery is a team sport (to paraphrase Alistair Cockburn). Great teams are composed of people who want to work and improve together. 

Key Points

  • We need to continually invest in our people, helping them to learn and enhance their skills.
  • Our aim should be to sustain and nurture an awesome team made up of awesome people.