Disciplined Agile

Coordinate Activities

This ongoing process goal describes how we will coordinate our activities within our team and with other teams within our organization. To be effective, we need to consider several important questions:

  • How will we share information within the team?
  • Who is allowed to update the artifacts created by the team?
  • How will we coordinate within the team?
  • If we’re part of a larger team, how will we coordinate within it?
  • How will we work with enterprise/IT teams such as enterprise architects and data managers?
  • How will we coordinate our release/deployment with the rest of the organization?
  • If we have geographically distributed team members, how will we collaborate with them?
2021 Project Management Institute Coordinate Activities v5.2 Share Information Nonsolo work (pairing, mobbing) Informal reviews Formal reviews Individual (solo) work Artifact Ownership Collective ownership Disparate ownership Coordinate Within Team Coordination meetings/scrum meetings Just-in-time (JIT) modeling Just-in-time (JIT) planning Look-ahead modeling/planning Regular conversations Status meetings Visualize work Facilitate a Working Session Agile modeling session Open space Big room planning Joint application design (JAD) sessions Coordinate Across Program Architecture owner team Common cadences Coordination meetings/scrum meetings Divisor cadences Facilitated working session Management team Open spaces Product coordination team Product owner team Program manager/coordinator Scrum of scrums (SoS) Visualize work Coordinate Across the Organization Enterprise professional as team member Enterprise roadmaps (detailed) Enterprise roadmaps (light) Enterprise service teams Facilitated working session Coordinate Release Schedule Continuous deployment (CD)/release stream Regular releases/release train Release windows Unique project releases None Coordinate Between Locations Move team to a single location Gather physically at critical times Adopt collaborative tools Ambassadors Boundary spanners

Figure 1. The Coordinate Activities process goal diagram (click to enlarge)

More Information

Choose Your WoW!

The strategies/practices referenced in the goal diagram above are described, including the trade-offs involved and considerations for when (not) to apply them, in the book Choose Your WoW! A Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook for Optimizing Your Way of Working.

If you want to succeed at enterprise agile you need choices, not prescriptions.