Disciplined Agile

DevOps Strategies Throughout Disciplined Agile®

Table 1 lists many of the DevOps strategies supported within the Disciplined Agile® tool kit.

Table 1. Potential DevOps Strategies

Strategy Category
Asynchronous support Support (Help Desk)
Automated dashboards General
Automated deployment Operations
Automated regression testing Development
Automated separation of duties (SoD) Security
Build Rugged Software Security
Canary tests Development
Collaborative security engineers Security
Collaborative work General
Continuous deployment (CD) Development
Continuous improvement General
Continuous integration (CI) Development
Continuous release capability Release Management
Data and information guidelines Data Management
Deployment testing Operations
Developer-led operations Teaming
Developer-led support Support (Help Desk)
Development guidelines Enterprise Architecture
Development intelligence Development
Disaster planning Operations
Exploit testing Security
Feature access control Development
Feature toggles Development
Integrated change management General
Integrated configuration management General
Integrated deployment planning Release Management
IT intelligence Data Management
Monitoring instrumentation Development
One team General
Online discussion forums Support (Help Desk)
Online information Support (Help Desk)
Operations intelligence Operations
Pre-production test sandbox Support (Help Desk)
Production hand-off Teaming
Production-support Teaming
Quality data sources Data Management
Random disaster simulation Operations
Real-time security monitoring Security
Release blackout periods Release Management
Release service streams Release Management
Release train Release Management
Release windows (quick cadence) Release Management
Release windows (slow cadence) Release Management
Reuse mindset Enterprise Architecture
Scheduled disaster simulation Operations
Self-recovery Development
Self-testing Development
Shared release practices Release Management
Solution monitoring Operations
Split tests Development
Standard development and testing environments based on production Release Management
Standard platforms Operations
Support alerts Support (Help Desk)
Support sandbox Support (Help Desk)
Synchronous support Support (Help Desk)
Technical debt mindset Enterprise Architecture
Technical roadmaps Enterprise Architecture
Training, education, and mentoring General
Warranty period Teaming