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Disciplined Agile® Technical Training

The agile movement in software represents a game changer when it comes to efficient work, responsiveness to market forces and opportunities, and the ability of technical teams to align themselves with business value.

To achieve this with your team, there are two key principles that underlie every agile process:

  • Embrace Change. We must allow for new requirements to be introduced, even late in the development cycle, without causing damage, delays, and waste. This requires both flexibility and a focus on technical quality.
  • Validate Frequently (with stakeholders). Frequent validation means that we correct early when misunderstandings are discovered, or when customer needs require something different from what was initially planned. This helps to eliminate wasteful work and allows us to be more responsive.

Our Technical Training Offerings

Embracing change and validating frequently necessitate flexibility without overdesign and a focus on quality. The technical training that we offer in Disciplined Agile is all about this. Our courses are:

Why Disciplined Agile?

Great organizations need great software.

Great software requires great developers.

Great developers require great skills.

Design Patterns Thinking


Learn to analyze problems and create high-quality solutions using a shared language of design.

Design Patterns Thinking

Advanced Software Design


Solve more complex problems with a deeper application of patterns.

Advanced Software Design

Sustainable Test-Driven Development


Learn to write maintainable tests that drive analysis, design, and flexible evolution.

Sustainable Test-Driven Development

Acceptance Test-Driven Development


Learn to collaborate effectively across the organization, and with all audiences, using acceptance tests.

Acceptance Test-Driven Development