The Checklist Every OPM Initiative Needs

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Use this checklist from The Standard for Organizational Project Management to help evaluate your organization’s OPM readiness or framework maturity.

As the rate of work increases and smaller, faster, decentralized projects are executed, organizations need to be sure their organization project management (OPM) framework supports their strategic goals.

An effective OPM framework helps the project management office (PMO) and project professionals to manage projects, programs and portfolios across the organization with consistency and efficacy. This checklist, derived from The Standard for Organizational Project Management appendices, offers criteria for evaluating an OPM framework.  

Whether your organization is planning to implement an OPM framework for the first time, or you are refreshing a current one, this checklist will help uncover issues related to: 

  • Change management 
  • Competency management 
  • Continuous improvement
  • Governance 
  • Project management methodology 
  • Strategic alignment
  • Sustained leadership 

Evaluate your OPM readiness and framework maturity now to ensure your organization’s resources are being used wisely.

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