Permissions FAQs


  • Copyright laws give an author or creator of an original work the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute or otherwise use that work for a fixed time period. The author may legally assign his or her rights to a another party who then becomes the copyright holder. The copyright holder may permit requests to use their copyrighted materials by any third party with written permission. All standards, periodicals and books produced or published by PMI are PMI copyrighted materials that are protected under copyright law and may require permission from PMI to use.

  • Permission is authorization from PMI to use PMI materials for non-personal use in order to make copies of PMI copyrighted materials or to adapt, paraphrase, translate, or republish part of or an entire work of PMI copyrighted material. If you would like to use any portion of PMI copyrighted material in any other works media, you must first obtain written permission and pay the appropriate permission fee, where applicable, before you can use it for non-personal use.

    Any personal use for PMI materials that is not shared or distributed to anyone else does not require written permission from PMI for use. Personal use includes creating personal study aids that are not shared or sold, copying pages for one’s reference, and any other use that is not intended for sale or distribution to others.

    If you are still unsure whether or not your use requires permission, you should still request permission.

    A request for permission is not an implied grant of use of the requested materials.

  • You must request permission before you use PMI material for non-personal use. It does not matter if you purchase or obtain the material before or after permission is granted; you can only use that material for non-personal use after permission has been obtained in-writing from PMI.

    For non-personal use, you must describe what you wish to do with PMI’s content and request permission by completing and submitting the PMI Permissions Request Form. The form is intended to obtain information for many types of requests so not every field may apply. Please answer all applicable fields fully and completely. All non-personal use requests for PMI standards must be submitted through this form.

  • Permission must be requested via the PMI Permissions Request Form and should include a description of the PMI material to be referenced, the portions of that material which will be referenced, as well as the work in which the PMI material will be used.

    The Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) Republication Service also provides immediate permission for certain uses of PMI conference papers and articles. Content that can be granted through this service will have a “Reprints and Permissions” link on the product page.

  • The PMI Permissions Form will continue to handle all requests for non-personal use of PMI’s standards, including practice standards and practice guides, as well as any other PMI content.

    The CCC Republication Service will also handle requests for some types of PMI materials, including conference papers and articles. See Question 9 for more information.

  • Any materials that do not have the “Reprints and Permissions” button on the product page should be submitted through the PMI Permissions Form. Access the PMI Permissions Form.   

  • For requests of PMI standards that are submitted through the PMI Permissions Form and depending upon the complexity of the request, this process can take as little as a week or up to five weeks. To ensure your request is fulfilled in the most timely manner possible, fill out the PMI Permissions Form completely. Please notify us of any deadlines relating to your requested material.

    For requests processed by the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) Republication Service, permission is obtained immediately upon submitting your information and providing any applicable payment. 

  • To apply via the PMI Permissions Request Form, visit: Permissions Request Form 

    Your completed permissions form will be reviewed in the order that it is received. Following review, a representative of PMI's Legal Department and/or permissions assistant will contact you with additional questions or let you know if your request will be granted, and the amount of the permission fee if any.

    Once all terms have been established, a permissions agreement will be prepared and sent to you. When the permissions agreement has been fully executed and the fee paid, the permission will be in force under the terms of the agreement.

  • To apply for Permission using the CCC Republication Service, you will need to visit the product page on and click on the “Reprints and Permissions” button. If you do not see this button then the service is not available for that content.

    The Republication Service will open as a new window from and will request more information on your use of PMI material and contact information. A quote will be provided and upon accepting the licensing and payment terms, you will receive permission for use of that PMI material via CCC. If you do not already possess the material, you will also need to obtain the material via a separate transaction on either by purchase or download.

    The Republication Service does not provide the requested material; it only provides the permission to use it.

  • No. The Republication Service is managed by the Copyright Clearance Center, so it does not work with PMI’s membership accounts for sign-in. You will need to create an account with CCC which will make it easier to obtain future permissions requests using their system.

  • For more information about the PMI Permissions Form or info on, please email PMI Customer Care or call +1 610 356 4600.

    If you have questions about using the Republication service, please contact CCC Customer Support at +1 877 622 5543 or +1 978 777 9929 or email [email protected].

  • Yes. Obtaining permission is a separate transaction from obtaining the material.

  • Yes. You must credit the original source if you paraphrase. Paraphrasing should not be used to avoid requesting permission from us. We require those who are paraphrasing to request permission to avoid copyright infringement. Please either submit the PMI Permissions Request Form or use the Republication Service on the product page (if applicable).

  • Yes. Copying the same structure and content of graphics still constitutes as a direct reference. You must credit the original source. PMI requires those who are redrawing figures/tables/graphs to request permission to avoid copyright infringement. Please either submit the PMI Permissions Request Form or use the Republication Service on the product page (if applicable).

  • Yes. Authors must request permission to reuse material from their own work. However, permission will not be unreasonably withheld. Authors are not required to pay a fee for use of their own work. PMI authors of the Seminars & Symposium Proceedings, congress papers, or the Research Conference Proceedings are not required to request permission from PMI to reuse material from their work. Please submit the PMI Permissions Request Form  for all author requests of PMI owned content.

  • Yes with written permission. We furnish complimentary copies of PMI publications to all PMI members as a benefit of membership. This content is for your personal use and may not be reproduced or disseminated to others. If you would like to reproduce content for non-personal use, submit either the PMI Permissions Request Form or use the Republication Service if applicable

    If you’re not a member, we encourage you to purchase PMI publications from the PMI Store.

  • Those wishing to post the PMBOK® Guide or another PMI publication on a secured site must obtain a Site License Agreement and pay the appropriate permission fee. To do this, please complete and submit the PMI Permissions Request Form. Requests to post PMI materials on public websites are not granted.

  • We presently offer official translations of the PMBOK® Guide published in Arabic, Chinese [simplified], French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian and Spanish. They are available for purchase in the PMI Store. Therefore, we will not grant permission to translate the PMBOK® Guide into these languages. However, if you wish to translate it or another PMI standard into a language other than those listed, please submit the PMI Permissions Request Form.

  • Permission to use the PMI logo will only be granted to those who fill out the PMI Linking Agreement Form. The PMI logo may only be used on websites directly linking the PMI logo to the PMI home page. All other requests for use of the PMI logo will be denied.

  • No, we do not currently grant permission to use our webinars and video content.


Permissions Request Form

For "republication" of the PMBOK® Guide and other PMI standards, fill out the PMI Permissions online request form.