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The Future of Project Management: The perfect blend of AI and human ingenuity

The AI Resource Center is your gateway to the future of AI-driven project management.

Boost productivity. Increase project success. Drive value for your organization with generative AI.

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Let’s Shape the Future of AI in Project Management

Join the PMIxAI journey as we discover the future of project management by merging human ingenuity with AI advancements that are proven to support project success and empower you to focus on value-driven project work.

We’re committed to amplifying the voice of AI-experts and community members to discover leveraging AI-powered technology, all while preserving the heart of project management—the human touch—that only you can bring.

Together, we're navigating a new era of efficiency, insight, and growth.

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Unlock success by beginning your project management and AI journey. The interactive learning explores the impact of generative AI and a variety of AI project management tools. Additionally, you will learn about the AI impact from community member experiences with efficiencies and time management, championing collaboration, using predictive insights to support decision-making, task automation, and project management concepts like scope, risk, and stakeholder management.

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Paul Boudreau Headshot

“AI is not a future, nice-to-have technology. It is used in organizations today as an essential tool to improve project performance.”

Paul Boudreau, Professor, Speaker, Author of The Self-Driving Project: Using Artificial Intelligence to Deliver Project Success

Ricardo Vargas Headshot

“(Project managers) are witnessing and participating in an absolutely massive revolution on the use of artificial intelligence.”

Ricardo Vargas, Global Leader in Project Management, Founder of and Macrosolutions

Antonio Nieto Headshot

“We are experiencing a huge transformation…the concepts that we need to use are different. The technology is different. We cannot manage projects anymore with the traditional software. We need to reinvent them.”

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Thought Leader, Author, Professor

Thought Leadership Resources

The AI revolution is all around us as we speak, and we’ve been ahead of the curve with insightful Thought Leadership on how AI is transforming project management.

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