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Data Landscape of Gen AI for Project Managers

Data Landscape of GenAI for Project Managers

Get deeper practical instruction on how to incorporate Generative AI (GenAI) in your work, further explore of how to work with data in GenAI, and get a GenAI canvas for project managers.

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Start Navigating the Future of Project Management and AI Tools

Explores the impact of generative AI on time management, collaboration, decision-making, scope, risk, and stakeholder management and more! Additionally, learn about a variety of AI project management tools.

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AI’s the Limit

PMI Infinity is the project manager’s AI-powered learning assistant, leveraging sources generated and vetted by the PMI global community of professionals. Boost your knowledge base with AI-powered resources, reinforce and validate your understanding of complex subject matter, and get interactive and detailed responses for a truly unique learning experience.

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Let’s Shape the Future of AI in Project Management

Join the PMIxAI journey as we discover the future of project management by merging human ingenuity with AI advancements that are proven to support project success and empower you to focus on value-driven project work.

We’re committed to amplifying the voice of AI-experts and community members to discover leveraging AI-powered technology, all while preserving the heart of project management—the human touch—that only you can bring.

Together, we're navigating a new era of efficiency, insight, and growth.

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“AI is reshaping project management, offering opportunities to increase efficiency, precision, and quality. As project professionals, we're lucky to be more than just observers, but active participants in this transformation.”

Keisha Lewis, PMP, chief enterprise office, Montgomery County Government

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“AI is an express train that cannot be stopped. There are threats out there, but also enormous opportunities. The question is, how can we use it in the best way for the good of humankind—and use it to build a sustainable, equal and fair society?”

Marly Nilsson, PMP, senior business consultant and program director, PMI Sweden

Paul Boudreau Headshot

“AI is not a future, nice-to-have technology. It is used in organizations today as an essential tool to improve project performance.”

Paul Boudreau, Professor, Speaker, Author of The Self-Driving Project: Using Artificial Intelligence to Deliver Project Success