Imagine being trained by a TED speaker coach and sharing your big ideas with the world

TED@PMI is a chance for active members (and certification holders only in mainland China) to do just that. This unique opportunity enables you to share your ideas with the world, inspire people on a global level and make a real connection with your audience.

Your idea is worth hearing! And what better place to share it than on the TED@PMI stage!

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Up to 15 speakers and performers from across the PMI universe will take the stage for a one day event co-produced in partnership with TED at next year’s Global Conference in Seattle, WA.

This event will showcase the “doers”, the creative problem-solvers, and the one-of-a-kind perspective-shifters. The world as we know it is being rapidly reshaped and the way we do things must change to match these monumental shifts. We’re seeking to unearth ideas of all shapes and sizes that have the potential for real impact. TED@PMI is a celebration of that need to reimagine, those moments of inspiration and just the plain mesmerizing awe of turning ideas into action.

You should think outside of the project management box in imagining your TED@PMI talk.  After all, you’re more than a project manager.  You’re your hobbies, your family life, the interesting place you grew up, your obsession with that book no one’s heard of… all those things are also what make you a great project leader and what make you YOU!  So when you’re thinking about your talk, don’t just think about project management as broadly as possible, think about yourself as broadly as possible.  Because all the stories, lessons, questions, and insights that make you unique, shape the work you do and the impact you have on the world.  And we want TED@PMI to show not just project management but project managers in ALL your dimensions!

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So what is TED@PMI all about?

Every year, TED works with a group of carefully selected companies and foundations, like PMI, to identify their best inventors, connectors and creators. TED works closely to oversee curation and provide one-on-one talk development training to sharpen and hone ideas and talks. The culmination is an event produced, filmed, and hosted by TED, generating a growing library of valuable TED Talks that can spur innovation and transform organizations.

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Why You Should Give a TED Talk at Global Conference

Imagine adding TED Speaker to your resume. Up to 15 speakers from the PMI universe will have the opportunity. Learn more about TED @ PMI here!

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