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Green Project Manager - Level B Certification (GPM-b) PLUS Sustainable Project Management E-Learning Course

Make a Green World a Reality

PMI is collaborating with Green Project Management (GPM) to bring sustainability to the forefront for project managers and help upskill professionals working on the ground to make a real-world impact.

Environmental and social impact has become crucially important for business outcomes as demands for action increase. By becoming Green Project Manager – Level B (GPM-bcertified, project professionals and teams can make a more sustainable, greener world a reality.

As part of the certification journey, learners will also be taken through the Green Project Management Sustainable Project Management e-learning course, providing the foundational knowledge needed to embed sustainability into projects. This training and certification bundle will help project management professionals develop the skills to deliver environmental and social impact.

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  • Earn up to 12 PDUs
  • Save 10% using your PMP® as Prior Learning



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Foundational Knowledge

Learn how to deliver projects with people and the planet at their core. The Certified Green Project Manager – Level B (GPM-b) is a foundational, knowledge-based sustainability certification.

Maximize Sustainability

Project managers will maximize sustainability within the project lifecycle; improve the construction and delivery of goods and services as part of project deliverables; and use measurable standards to consider and account for social, environmental, and economic impacts in projects.

First Credential

Do you want to deliver projects with a purpose? The GPM-b certification is the first project management credential that helps individuals demonstrate knowledge of project delivery using sustainable methods.

How Does Recognition of Prior Learning Work?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) allows candidates to prepare for the GPM-b using the Sustainable Project Management for Certified Project Managers e-learning course. It is considered GPM's flagship course tailored for individuals with a project management certification who wish to learn sustainability integrators.

This course both educates and trains you on what you need to know to effectively address and manage sustainability in projects to ensure both the management of the project and the outcome are sustainable. It is virtual and interactive, using adult learning techniques. 

  • Learn through real-life examples how to embed sustainability in projects.
  • Learn how sustainable project management functions from a lifecycle perspective.
  • Each module is self-paced and includes some videos; it is not a recorded session. Each ranges between 30 minutes to an hour. 
  • 10 modules + 1 summary module

Those with an RPL have an opportunity to focus their learning on sustainability topics, receive a shorter exam, and incur lower costs for the e-learning course and exam bundle. 

With Recognition of Prior Learning

Sustainable Project Management for Certified Project Managers e-learning course

11 modules

75 questions for the GPM-b RPL Exam

Save 10% for a final cost of US$675

Sustainable Project Management Course

This product includes the course Sustainable Project Management from our partner Green Project Management®, which provides the knowledge and tools to manage projects sustainably and deliver sustainable project outcomes by incorporating exercises, examples, and scenarios to reinforce learning.

In addition, by taking this program and getting certified, you will be able to bridge the gap between projects and ESG/Sustainability reporting.

The course includes modules:

  • Introduction to Sustainable Project Management
  • Core Concepts in Sustainability
  • Projects integrating Sustainable Methods (PRiSM), a lifecycle approach
  • Project Business Cases
  • Utilizing the P5 Standard for Sustainability in Project Management to develop a P5 Impact Analysis
  • Developing a Sustainability Management Plan
  • On Sustainable Project Managers
  • Sustainable Project Success
  • Sustainable Procurement for Projects
  • ESG and Sustainability Reporting and Project Communications

At the end of the course, you may take the GPM-b certification exam, which will test your knowledge in delivering projects using sustainable methods. It contains 75 questions on Sustainable Methods and Delivery Methods.

You will earn your Certified Green Project Manager – Level B (GPM-b) certification after successfully completing the exam.

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Why is PMI partnering with Green Project Management?

PMI is collaborating with Green Project Management (GPM) to bring sustainability to the forefront for project managers and help upskill professionals working on the ground to make a real-world impact. With the GPM specialist e-learning tools, professionals in project management learn the knowledge and skills needed to embed sustainable practices into project management.

Who is Green Project Management?

Founded in 2009, Green Project Management (GPM) is the global leader in sustainable project management practices. They have been instrumental in shaping sustainability as it relates to Portfolio, Program, and Project Management on a global scale and are advocates for the profession’s role in solving wide-scale challenges facing humanity.

They are a social enterprise focusing on evolving the project profession through principled and value-based methods. Their goal is to drive sustainable business and realize the 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs) by engaging in regenerative development projects that address the root cause of why sustainability problems persist.


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