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Read the stories of four Ukrainian project managers determined to continue their project work and the U.S.-based entrepreneur who has collaborated with them for thirteen years.

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Working to make sure Ukraine is open for business

Alex Sobol was able to regain her footing after experiencing bombs falling on her street. Learn why it is so important for her to continue her project work.

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Building a career while supporting a country at war

Kate Abramova saw war interrupt her career and uproot her family. Read about her project work and how it has helped her heal and carry on.  

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Finding peace in a small village

Ryta Popova was able to relocate to a small Ukrainian village to continue her work. She explains why global support is critically important. 

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Picture of Tetyana Yakuba

Grateful for a temporary home in Poland

Tetyana Yakuba looks forward to applying knowledge from earning her PMP certification to grow her career.  Read about her life in Poland and hopes for Ukraine. 

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Image of Charley Miller

Supporting his colleagues in Ukraine

Charley Miller has built a relationship with a team of project managers in Ukraine for over 13 years. He shares insights for working with and supporting this community.

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We at the Project Management Institute stand in solidarity with Ukrainian people. Learn how you can support the people of Ukraine. Go to PMI’s Solidarity with Ukraine page.

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