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    Why Integrating Risk Management Into Projects Is Important

    Integrating risk management is critical for project success. Here’s how professionals are making risk a priority.

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    How Project Leaders Can Build Resilient Teams

    Resilient teams face challenges head-on, but teams don’t become resilient overnight. Here are three ways project leaders can build resilient teams.

  • Main image for Youth Skills Day

    The Path to Project Success: Essential Project Skills for Young Professionals

    With demand for project managers rising, the future is bright for young professionals with the right skills. Here’s why.

  • Woman standing and speaking to a group of people

    Power Skills are Human Skills

    Communication, leadership, collaboration, empathy… these are some of the power skills that help to build strong teams and successful businesses.

  • Image for June 13 DE article

    The Value of a PMO

    Regardless of your project approach, expertise or industry, here are ways the project management office (PMO) offers value to organizations.

  • Headshot of Syed Ahsan Mustaqeem

    How AI is Changing the Role of Project Leaders

    As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly prevalent, project leaders will need to shift everything from where they focus their efforts to the skillsets they prioritize.

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    Tips for Adopting Agile Approaches

    Agile approaches help teams deliver value faster. Here’s how companies can adjust and start adopting agile ways of working.

  • Image from Projectified Podcast

    How Project Managers Can Improve Their Strategic Decision Making

    Four ways project professionals can make better decisions — and ensure their project’s success.

  • Headshot of Krishna Kumar Nanjundaprasad

    Quick Hits: Krishna Kumar Nanjundaprasad, PMP

    On the value of empathy, servant leadership and happiness.

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    Learning from NASA: James Webb Space Telescope

    Learn how improved communication and collaboration helped NASA’s project team overcome setbacks and launch the James Webb Space Telescope in this case study.

  • Headshots of Kierstin Gray and Vitor Amaral on orange background with PMI logo

    3 Ways to Minimize Project Turnover

    Keeping projects on track amid turnover can be challenging. Here are three ways to keep projects moving.

  • Headshot of Temitope Ajanuku

    Quick Hits: Temitope Ajanaku, PMP

    On the power of communication, nonstop learning and empowering women leaders

  • Black and white headshot of Nick Sonnenberg

    Optimizing Information Retrieval Is Key to Saving Time

    Learn how to find more time in your day by applying operational efficiency expert Nick Sonnenberg’s CPR® Framework.

  • Image of smiling woman, standing at the head of a table, while others around the table are clapping

    3 Tips for Getting C-Suite Buy-In

    Three tips to help project professionals get C-suite buy-in on project priorities.

  • Headshot of Emmanuel Tackie

    How Project Leaders Can Turn Strategy into Reality

    Emmanuel Tackie, PMP, PgMP, reinforces rigor, curiosity and transparency to ensure his teams deliver strategic value.

  • Chathurika-Prabodani-Gunathilaka headshot

    Quick Hits: Chathurika Prabodani Gunathilaka

    On the power of effective communication, taking ownership of deliverables and the influence of Lee Kuan Yew.

  • Woman in glasses at computer

    5 Predictions for the Future of Project Management

    A group of project professionals looks at the factors that will shape and shift the future of project management.

  • Headshot of Luis Felipe Villarroel Quinde

    Pro Tips: How to Communicate Urgent Requests to Stakeholders

    To get prompt and clear stakeholder responses, project professionals need strong communication, consistent engagement—and a backup plan.

  • Headshot of Sahar Kanani

    Need to Know: Active Listening

    Sahar Kanani, PMP, explains how receiving information with intention can build trust and boost outcomes.

  • Woman sitting in an empty row of chairs

    Coping with Talent Shortages

    A look at what’s driving continued talent shortages in project management with global expert Kevin Korterud who shares why organizations must prioritize training and enable PMOs.

  • Image of construction workers

    Project Career Moves: Construction

    Want a career in construction that’s built to last? Focus on strong leadership, get ahead of the tech curve and show your appetite for learning.

  • Image of people in a meeting

    Project Career Moves: Consulting

    Project management consulting offers a career with flexibility, full of unique challenges and experiences. Developing your power skills, particularly listening, problem-solving and collaboration, is…

  • Image of letters ESG against a forest background

    Project Career Moves: ESG

    Curiosity, adaptability and strong reporting skills will position you to work on projects that address environmental, social and governance issues.

  • Image of Wall Street financial figures

    Project Career Moves: Financial Services

    Want a financial career you can bank on? Invest in developing a digital-first, user-centric mindset.

  • Projectified Tips for 2023 headshots

    2023 Project Management Tips

    A new year provides opportunities for project leaders. Here are four key project management tips for 2023 from leading professionals.

  • Lindsay Scott Headshot

    Switching to a Project Career? Here’s Where to Start

    Lindsay Scott also reveals the value of self-assessments and the need to prioritize post-nominals.

  • Image of Cathy Rivian with her truck

    How PMOs Can Scale a Change-Ready Culture

    PMO leaders who balance a strategic vision with empathy can elevate agility and resilience, says Cathy Hoenig of Rivian Automotive. But the value must be underscored to executives and peers alike.

  • Headshot of Geetha Gopal

    Need to Know: Artificial Intelligence

    Geetha Gopal, PMP, explains how AI’s data-driven capabilities can help teams achieve outcomes more quickly—and with greater accuracy.

  • Headshot of Yassine Hounsali

    Quick Hits: Yassine Hounsali, PMP

    On the power of communication, positive reinforcement and emotional intelligence.

  • Image for "The Checklist Every OPM Initiative Needs"

    The Checklist Every OPM Initiative Needs

    Use this checklist from The Standard for Organizational Project Management to help evaluate your organization’s OPM readiness or framework maturity.

  • Jan. 17 Digital Exclusives image

    Five Ways Future PMOs Will Support Organizations

    From helping to set strategic direction to defining new ways of working, here is a look at the responsibilities that leading PMOs are taking on as they evolve for the future.

  • Headshot of Ginger Kerrick

    Improving Team Collaboration at NASA

    PMI recently spoke with Ginger Kerrick about working at NASA and her tips for putting together successful project teams.

  • Soumya Maitra Headshot

    Need to Know: Conflict Management

    Soumya Maitra, PMP, explains how active listening and finding common ground can resolve project disagreements.

  • Group of people posting sticky notes on a board

    Which PMO Is Right for Your Organization?

    EPMO? Departmental? Individual? Supportive? Controlling? The choice comes down to a company’s strategic project needs.

  • Angela Ortiz

    How Can Project Leaders Elevate ESG?

    Angela Ortiz explains how her role helps a U.S. utility company sustain its ESG commitment by focusing on risk, measuring impact and showing the long-term value.

  • Lindsay Scott Headshot

    Decoding Job Descriptions: Which Responsibilities Matter Most?

    Lindsay Scott also shares tips for answering the “relocation” question and tracking project complexity.

  • Headshot of Danielle Jones Cox

    Pro Tips: Building a Collaborative Mindset

    Building trust and mastering emotional intelligence can help forge collaboration across teams.

  • Headshot of Karen Smits

    Need to Know: Empathy

    Karen Smits explains how elevating a critical power skill can spark authentic engagement and long-term project benefits.

  • Headshot of Koh Chee Kiong

    How PMOs Can Build a Talent Pipeline

    By fine-tuning how they identify and upskill project talent, PMO leaders can build a team that will become a strategic force.

  • Headshot of Santhosh Nair for digital exclusives article

    Pro Tips: How to Manage Stress

    Project leaders can keep teams resilient by identifying pain points, showing empathy and maintaining strong communication.

  • Lindsay Scott Headshot

    Job Search: Find Help from Your Network

    Lindsay Scott also shares tips for building business acumen and how to turn down a promotion.

  • Image of Shajay Bhooshan for digital exclusives article

    Metaverse Trailblazers: Real Impact for a Virtual World

    By rethinking expectations, forging collaboration and embracing innovation, project leaders can help deliver a first-mover advantage.

  • Lindsay Scott Headshot

    Building a Strategy for Working in a PMO

    Lindsay Scott also shares tips for assessing the value of data-centric roles and comparing your skills to job descriptions.

  • Headshot of Waleed Said Elmhrate

    Need to Know: Servant Leadership

    Waleed Said Elmhrate, PMP, PgMP, PfMP, explains how project leaders can give their teams room to grow.

  • Lindsay Scott Headshot

    Choosing the Right Scrum Training Path

    Lindsay Scott also shares tips for returning to a job after a long absence, going back to professional conferences and raising your LinkedIn game.

  • Headshot of Shahid Ali

    Four Ways to Hone Your Power Skills—and Advance Your Career

    Aspiring project leaders can reinforce their learning and seek leadership opportunities through mentors, self-assessments, volunteering and spreading the word.

  • Headshot of Jamie Suriano

    Five Tips for Being Prepared for Supply Chain Disruption

    The COVID-19 pandemic exposed risks in the supply chain. Three project managers give their advice for ensuring these vulnerabilities don’t derail future project work.

  • Headshot of Jennifer Tharp

    A Quick Guide to Incorporating Sustainability Into Your Projects

    ESG is becoming crucially important for business outcomes as demands for action increase. Get started with this brief guide to maintaining a sustainable focus on your projects.

  • Fraser Health space thumbnail pic

    Building a Hybrid Workspace for the Future

    Canada’s Fraser Health managed complexity to deliver a workplace transformation—and a blueprint for change.

  • Lindsay Scott Headshot

    How to Search for a New Job—With Confidence

    Lindsay Scott also shares tips for transitioning into a project role and knowing when it’s time to move on.

  • Video Meeting

    Seven Steps to Build a More Inclusive Work Culture

    Take these seven steps to create an inclusive culture where workers can be themselves in a setting that supports optimal performance.

  • Image of Ernest Seto for digital exclusives article

    Rethinking Risk Management

    In a world of uncertainty, proactive planning and innovative thinking will help project leaders prepare for the great unknown.

  • Lindsay Scott Headshot

    How to Find the Right Mentor for Your Career

    Lindsay Scott also shares tips for (not) publishing a book, unretiring and building a business case for professional development.

  • Image of Professor Alejandro Romero-Torres

    KICKOFF In Action

    A look at how one professor leveraged KICKOFF to offer students a tool for learning and practicing the key components of project management.

  • Image of Dev Ramcharan for DE article

    Need to Know: Emotional Intelligence

    Dev Ramcharan, PMP, explains how people-centered leadership can elevate teams.

  • Lindsay Scott Headshot

    Which Skills Can Make You a Better Leader?

    Lindsay Scott also shares tips for how remote workers can maintain influence and how to explain pandemic work gaps.

  • Photo of Michelle Diller for digital exclusives article

    Three Ways to Keep Your ESG Projects on Track

    Environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives are pushing sustainability from a one-off project outcome to a core business practice.

  • Image of Eve Mwangi for Digital Exclusives article

    How to Build a Change-Ready Mindset Across Teams

    To develop a culture of agility, project leaders must put team members at the center of the action.

  • Young working people at a table with laptops

    Six Ways to Build Sustainability into Projects

    Addressing climate change is everyone’s responsibility. A new report offers a detailed look at how the Climate Crisis is making organizations rethink and retool their business models.

  • Salary Snapshot

    Salary Survey Snapshot

    Location matters when it comes to how much project professionals get paid—but it’s not the only factor.

  • Implications of Artificial Intelligence

    5 Implications of Artificial Intelligence for Project Management

    AI will change how you run projects. Are you ready?

  • The ROI of Social Good Photo

    The ROI of Social Impact

    By engaging local stakeholders and using data to drive decisions, project leaders deliver positive change for companies—and communities.

  • Scoring a Promotion Photo

    Take Your Best Shot: Scoring a Promotion

    How to make yourself marketable and create your own opportunities.

  • Landing Your Next Job Photo

    Four Tips for Landing Your Next Job

    Keep yourself marketable in a changing business environment.

  • Kathleen Walch Photo

    Do You Know the ABCs of AI?

    As more projects employ artificial intelligence tools to automate tasks, project managers who are AI-savvy can boost their careers and make themselves indispensable.

  • Making History: COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Photo credit © WHO _ Blink Media – Fabeha Monir

    Making History: COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

    Distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is the biggest immunization project the world has ever seen.

  • Youth Life Skills Photo

    Building Life Skills Through Hands-On Project Management

    Practicing these soft skills in everyday life can set up youth to become successful, confident adults.

  • Creative Thinking Photo

    Creative Thinking: A Must-Have Skill for Project Teams

    How to cultivate creativity in a technological age.

  • Lindsay Scott Headshot

    4 Ways to Keep Your Professional Development on Track

    Lindsay Scott talks about work and careers as the world emerges into a new normal. Available only on