Project Management Institute

Summarized Board Meeting Minutes Philadelphia, PA USA – January 2016

Following is a summary of the highlights of the January 2016 PMI Board of Directors meeting motions and activities:

Ratified the 2016 PMI Board Officer Elections, namely, Al Zeitoun (2014-2016), Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez (2013- 2018), Caterina La Tona (2015-2017), Cecil White (2016-2018), J. Davidson Frame (2015-2017), Jennifer Tharp (2015- 2017), Kathleen P. Romero (2016-2018), Margareth Carneiro (2014-2016), Mark Dickson (2013-2018), Randall T. Black (2016-2018), Steve DelGrosso (2011-2016), Todd Hutchison (2014-2016), Victoria S. Kumar (2014-2016), Wagner Maxsen (2015-2017), and W. Stephen Sawle (2015-2017) ratify the October 2015 ad hoc election of the 2016 PMI Board Officers and Strategy Development Oversight Committee* (SDOC) Chair as follows: Antonio-Nieto Rodriguez, Chair; Mark Dickson, Vice Chair; J. Davidson Frame, Secretary/Treasurer/Audit and Performance Oversight Committee (APOC) Chair; and Caterina La Tona, Strategy Development Oversight Committee (SDOC) Chair effective immediately.

Approved the following Consent Calendar for Approval items:

  1. Article VI Bylaws change re Length of Board Service and Vacancies
  2. Updated 2016 Governance and Strategy Oversight Committee (SOC) Charters
  3. October 2015 PMI Board of Directors meeting minutes. 

Jim Snyder, PMI Founder and Fellow provided a presentation reflecting on the history of project management and the Project Management Institute.

Updates were provided by the Audit and Performance Oversight Committee (APOC), Board Development Liaison, Strategy Development Oversight Committee (SDOC), Ad Hoc Working Group and David Robertson, Professor at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business presented a talk on innovation based on his book Brick by Brick.

Lastly, the Board engaged in a full day of facilitated strategic thinking and pattern recognition.