Project Management Institute

Summarized Board Meeting Minutes Santiago Chile – January 2017

Presentation and discussions were conducted on the following topics:

  • Board Development – Group Presentation Training
  • Technology Update
  • Latin America Private and Public Sector Insights
  • President and CEO Quarterly Report
  • Brightline Initiative
  • Advanced Learning Products (PAL) Update
  • Secretary-Treasurer/APOC Report
  • Governance Refresh Task Team Update

The following motions were approved:

  • The 2017 PMI Board Officers and Strategy Oversight Committee as follows: Mark Dickson, Chair; Caterina La Tona, Vice Chair; Jennifer Tharp, Secretary-Treasurer/ Audit and Performance Oversight Committee Chair; Cecil White, Strategy Oversight Committee Chair.

2017 Board Standing Committee Appointments:

  • GovCom (4): Mark Dickson*; Caterina La Tona*; Jennifer Tharp*; Cecil White*
  • APOC (7): Jennifer Tharp*; Tony Appleby; Margareth Carneiro; Teresa Knudson; Wagner Maxsen; Kathleen Romero; Thomas Walenta**
  • SOC (5): Cecil White*; Randy Black; Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez ***; Steve Sawle; Roberto Toledo
  • CompCom (4): Caterina La Tona*; Mark Dickson*; David Frame; Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez*
  • * Ex-officio Appointments
  • ** Ethics AHWG/TT liaison
  • *** SIM liaison

The Consent Calendar for Approval with the following items:

  • September 2016 PMI Board of Directors Meetings Minutes
  • Updated Rules of the Board
  • Updated Candidate Criteria Policy

The Brightline Initiative, including activities identified in the business Plan and its two-year budget, not to exceed US$25 million, funded from PMI reserves.

Recommendations presented to revise the current Board Development programs as documented in the PMI Director Certification and Professional Development Paper dated January 2017.

Directing to the President and CEO to proceed with a review and modification of the current Strategic Plan based upon the strategic decisions made by the PMI Board of Directors at the September, 2016 Board meeting in San Diego, CA and at the Strategic Retreat in December, 2016 in Costa Rica in support of PMI’s strategy review.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Tharp

2017 Secretary/Treasurer