Project Management Institute

Summarized Board Meeting Minutes New Orleans, LA USA – October 2013

PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) 2014 Donation Request

The PMI Board of Directors approved a donation during 2014 to the PMI Educational Foundation in support of the accompanying PMIEF Executive Summary and the 2013 Summary Report and 2014 Overall Program of Work.

2014/2015 Program Plan & Budget

The PMI Board of Directors approved the 2014-2015 Program Plan and Budget

Consent Calendar for Approval

The PMI Board of Directors approved the Consent Calendar for Approval containing the following items:

  1. Rule of the Board 6.0.9 Revisions
  2. April 2013 PMI Board of Directors Meeting Minutes  Level 1 Board Survey Policy
  3. Level 1 Board Survey Policy
  4. 2014 Governance Committee Charter
  5. 2014 Performance Oversight Committee Charter
  6. 2014 Strategy Development Oversight Committee Charter
  7. 2014 Board Volunteer Appointment Committee Charter
  8. 2014 Certification Governance Council Charter
  9. 2014 Ethics Appeals Committee Charter
  10. 2014 Ethics Review Committee Charter
  11. 2014 Global Accreditation Center for PM Education Program Charter
  12. 2014 Nominating Committee Charter
  13. Board Online Tools Task Team Charter
  14. Board Volunteer Appointments Committee Appointments
  15. Certification Governance Council Appointments
  16. Educational Foundation Board Appointments
  17. Ethics Appeals Committee Appointments
  18. Ethics Review Committee Appointments
  19. Nominating Committee Appointments.

Respectfully submitted,

Zbigniew J. Traczyk, PMP
2013 Secretary-Treasurer