Recognizing the professionals behind the projects that transform the world

While we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we want to focus special attention on the professionals—PMI members, credential holders, volunteers and all those who consider project, program and portfolio management their profession—for their great accomplishments in not just delivering successful outcomes, but in making a difference.

MADE POSSIBLE by a Project Manager

Some of the stories shared by project managers:

Patrick Lucey

We delivered one multi-year project which is making a significant difference to the healthcare industry in Ireland, improving how cancer patients’ data is accessed.


Ken Tomlinson

We’ve been working on this project for several decades and we believe that we’re quite close to eradicating polio.



Join us in our Celebration of Service

2019 will be more than a celebration of our 50th Anniversary. It will be the start of a project management Global Celebration of Service that will go on throughout 2019 and beyond. PMI is leading this effort to address important issues and causes in local communities that will help ensure a better future for all.


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Lori Tanner

The Greater Good—Lessons from Governments and NGOs

Making the world a better place is no simple task. Especially when funding is in short supply. Leaders from government agencies and NGOs share how transparency and accountability help them do more with less on their projects and programs.

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There are many ways to get involved in the 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Throughout 2019 there will be many ways to participate in 50th Anniversary fun! Here are just a few ways that you can be a part of the celebration.


Join a Local Chapter

A great way to participate in the Celebration of Service and enjoy 50th Anniversary festivities is to join your local PMI chapter. The chapter will handle organizing the activities—so you will just need to show up, pitch in and have fun!

Join a Chapter


Upcoming Events

Throughout 2019, PMI will be hosting events that are just a little bit more special than usual. Join us and be part of the action!



$50 for 50th

Your contribution of $50 in honor of the PMI 50th Anniversary will help make a difference in the lives of youth and communities around the globe.



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