PMIAA: Strengthening the Government Delivery Foundation


Implementing the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (PMIAA) is underway by federal agencies covered by the CFO Act. Commissioned and supported with research from PMI, MIT’s Consortium for Engineering Program Management, and others, this report distills how many government agencies have been leading (and continue to lead) efforts to build and sustain good practices in portfolio, program, and project management. 

These activities align with PMIAA’s focus on the use of standards, improved career pathing for talent management, actively engaged executive sponsorship, cross-agency knowledge, and capability/capacity building, etc. The case studies included as part of this report can help agency leaders responsible for PMIAA implementation by providing relevant examples from the U.S. federal government and other government agencies that reflect sound, constantly evolving practices being used. These examples also highlight important lessons learned from the agencies’ experiences and provide contacts in the agencies for further follow-up and support.

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