Design Your Project Management Career: PMI Certification Framework

PMI Certification Framework: Develop a career that works for you.

Overcome uncertainty, build confidence and create opportunities with PMI certifications.

We all follow different career paths. Whether you’re taking steps to become a project manager or an accomplished leader, you have one thing in common – especially now. Careers are no longer a linear journey. Moving between roles, industries and locations is the new normal. Navigating your career journey has become a winding path to achieve success and ignite your professional passion.

PMI certifications show employers that you have the practical knowledge, insights, and professional expertise to meet increasingly complex project demands. With certifications designed for all experience levels, there’s always an optimal next step to enhance and accelerate your career.

PMI Certifications: Everything You Need To Know

Our Certification Framework tool includes all options – starting with a quick view of PMI certifications, organized by years of experience. Click through to see more details about each certification: when to apply, education requirements, exam information and more. It’s designed to help you know which PMI certification is right for you – now and in your future. Reach your full potential and make yourself essential. You’ll find your best next step right here.


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