AHPP - Agile Hybrid Project Pro


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This micro-credential includes a course that allows you to practice the application of agile and hybrid principles and concepts ranging from managing conflict to leading a team, supporting team performance, and addressing and removing obstacles for the team.

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When to Apply
This is an industry skill specialization.

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Demonstrate ability to manage Agile or Hybrid projects. Stay current and aligned to the latest Agile and Hybrid project management principles and methodologies.

Education Requirements

Experience Requirements
1-5 years project management experience (recommended, but not required)

Certification Maintenance Requirements
N/A; the micro-credential does not expire and does not need to be renewed.

Exam Information

  • Exam available after you complete the course
  • Course time is approximately 6.5-12 hours
  • 75 minutes, 60 questions, multiple choice, non-proctored

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Agile Hybrid Project Pro