Solidarity with Ukraine

Dear members and friends,


As a Board of the local PMI Chapter, we would like to share our position on a topic that has touched the lives and hearts of all of us. The PMI released a statement on the current ‘Ukraine crisis’, which you can read here. All activities related to certifications, pieces of training and membership are suspended in Russia and Belarus, as well as ATP collaborations.

Luxembourg Chapter is usually known to be a community of doers, with open and frank relations, and we cannot bring ourselves to use the word “crisis” or “situation” when the reality is vastly different and ‘invasion’, ‘war’, or ‘attack’ are more appropriate in this context. We asked for it, voted for it, and we want this to be clear and transparent.

PMI has joined organisations that are coming together to support those impacted, and you can find ways to contribute under the above link. Our Chapter is in touch with the Ukraine Chapter, and we are actively trying to help where we can. Individual Board members are participating on a personal basis using donations, sorting goods, providing logistic help etc.

We are also connecting with local organisations to ensure we provide focused and meaningful support. This will allow our members to participate in more activities and get their hours and skills recognised. The impact of the war will be much longer than an Instagram feed, and we intend to continue our support over the following months and years because it will be needed.

To our Russian members: Thank you for sharing your opinion with us and letting us know you stand behind our decision.

As we activate our energy for the latest victims of this senseless war, it is worth remembering that this is not “the first war our generation has seen” but just the most recent one of a long list, and we warmly invite you to get informed, engage and involve yourself in volunteering.

We should not forget that peace, freedom and democracy should not be taken for granted and that some values are always worth defending.


Board of Directors
PMI Luxembourg Chapter