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Learn how to unlock the potential of citizen development in your organization.

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Citizen development is here to stay. And we are excited to play a role in helping to shape what comes next.

As we developed PMI’s frameworks and methodologies to support citizen development, we spoke to industry leaders and practitioners to understand how they have harnessed the power of ”low-code, no-code” platforms to transform organizations. We’re excited to be able to share a few of these stories and experiences.

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Q&A with Praveen Seshadri

Sunil Prashara and Praveen Seshadri, Distinguished Software Engineer at Google, discuss Praveen’s experience in creating AppSheet, a no-code platform acquired by Google in 2020.

Q&A with Sovan Shatpathy

Sunil Prashara and Sovan Shatpathy, SVP and Chief Technology Officer at Navy Federal Credit Union, discuss his experience in implementing citizen development across various industries and the potential of citizen development moving forward.


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Bridging the Governance Gap: How to Safely Realize the Potential of Citizen Development

Arjun Jamnadass | 20 November 2020

Low-code/no-code platforms have democratized software development, but organizations have been slow to embrace.…

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Tech Mahindra CEO says “Don’t miss out on citizen development”

Sunil Prashara | 17 November 2020

Sunil Prashara chats with CEO and MD of Tech Mahindra, CP Gurnani, about the potential of citizen development…

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