Disciplined Agile

DA Chapter Champion Resources: Blogs & Groups

Blogs we suggest all DA Chapter Champions follow:

  • Disciplined Agile Applied. This blog Scott Ambler explores pragmatic agile and lean strategies for enterprise-class contexts.
  • Manifesting Business Agility. This blog by Al Shalloway concerns itself with organizations moving to business agility—the quick realization of value predictably and sustainably, and with high quality. It includes all aspects of this—from the business stakeholders through ops and support. Topics will be far-reaching but will mostly discuss FLEX, Flow, Lean-Thinking, Lean-Management, Theory of Constraints, Systems Thinking, Test-First and Agile.
  • Disciplined Agile. Curated by Scott Ambler with discussions and experience shared by trusted experts.


Groups you may choose to join:

  1. All members must adhere to the PMI Code of Conduct.
  2. Members must be qualified, experienced in Agile approaches, deeply enthusiastic about promoting Agility and building local community.
  3. No sales promotions / commercial advertising is allowed in the group.

December 2021

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