Disciplined Agile

DA Chapter Champion Resources: An Understanding of DA

There are several great resources to get you started on learning more about Disciplined Agile:

  • Introduction to Disciplined Agile (DA). The Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit provides straightforward guidance to help people, teams, and organizations streamline their processes in a context-sensitive manner, providing a solid foundation for business agility. It does this by showing how the various activities such as Solution Delivery (software development), IT Operations, Enterprise Architecture, Portfolio Management, Security, Finance, Procurement and many others work together. DA also describes what these activities should address, provides a range of options for doing so, and describes the tradeoffs associated with each option. Read the 
  • Why Disciplined Agile? Learn why agile practitioners, agile teams, agile coaches, and organizations want to adopt Disciplined Agile. 
  • Guided Continuous Improvement (GCI). A fundamental philosophy of agile is that teams should own their own process, or as we like to say in Disciplined Agile (DA) teams should choose their way of working (WoW). Of course this is easier said than done in practice. The challenge is that every team is unique and faces a unique situation – in other words, context counts. Furthermore, there are no “best practices,” rather, every practice has tradeoffs and works well in some situations and poorly in others. Worse yet, you really don’t know how well a technique will work for you until you actually try it out in your environment. Given all of this, how can a team choose its WoW? 

December 2021

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