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DA Chapter Champion Resources: Presentations

These presentations are for your use to your own chapter executive and membership.  You may add or delete slides, but you may not change the content of PMI-Disciplined Agile slides.

For each presentation, your responsibility is to:

  • Download the presentation
  • Review the speaker notes, or video on how to give this presentation
  • Review additional resources as identified
  • Practice the presentation with your board
  • Schedule a time to present to your chapter
  • Capture any feedback and questions* to share back with us to our Chapter Champion Coordinator, email: [email protected]

*Cautionary note:  You are not expected to know all the answers.  Let’s all be careful to address only those things of which we have knowledge, and report back on the other things that may be raised, so that we can get a unified answer for our whole community. 

Disciplined Agile Presentations

The following decks may be downloaded and used to share information about Disciplined Agile with your Chapter.

Slide Deck (PPTX) Length Video: How to Deliver It
 What is Disciplined Agile? 10-15 min What is DA? (11 min)
Overview of the Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit - Short 30-40 min Overview of DA (43 min)
Overview of the Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit - Long 90 min Overview of DA (82 min)
Why Disciplined Agile? 10-15 min Why DA? (16 min)
Guided Continuous Improvement (GCI) 15-20 min GCI (24 min)
The Disciplined Agile Mindset 15-20 min The DA Mindset (8 min)
Roles in Disciplined Agile (DA) 10-15 min Roles in DA (8 min)
Disciplined Agile Certification Coming soon Coming soon
How Disciplined Agile Can Maximize Business Agility 50 min DA Maximizes Business Agility (50 min)

December 2021

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