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DA Chapter Champion Resources

If you are a new Disciplined Agile® Chapter Champion (DACC) or a returning Champion, this area is filled with resources created and delivered just for you. This area is continually renewed, so visit frequently as updates will bring you the latest and greatest information.

As the DACC Program continues to evolve, be sure to say plugged in to the variety of possibilities. There are more opportunities than ever for Disciplined Agile learning and education. If you are ready to use DA and discover your WOW (Way of Working) for a chapter event or chapter project, go for it. It you want an advisor on how to do this, please reach out.  We have some DACCs who have already started these things with their chapter, as well as DA professionals who would be pleased to assist.  Now is the time to put this in action.

Remember that all of these flavors of DA events and activities can tie back to your chapter’s core services. It is another great way to bring value to your membership! What will you do next for your chapter? Where will you add membership value? When will you take the action? How will you be the “Go Getter” for your chapter’s DA initiative?

Resources available to DA Chapter Champions:

2020 DA Champion Roadmap

As a starting point we recommend the following initial steps:

  1. Understand the role of the DA Chapter Champion
  2. Read the previous newsletters
    December 2019
    January 2020
    February 2020
    March 2020
    April 2020
    May/June 2020
  3. Review the webinar conducted by Mark Lines, co-author from DA that helps our Chapter leaders and DA Champs begin to understand the landscape: Welcome to the Disciplined Agile Chapter Champions program
  4. Review blogs to follow and groups you may wish to join
  5. Become comfortable with the DA resources for members:

    - see member events currently scheduled;

    - view the certification roadmap;

    - various training sessions are being scheduled across the globe and virtually.  Please check find training for the current schedule; and

    - browse the Resources – with presentations, videos, webinars and more

  6. Review information to begin your understanding of Disciplined Agile.
  7. Work with your Board of Directors to revisit the Chapter’s Annual plan to see where possible DA presentations, trainings, etc. may be incorporated.

These steps will position you well to begin to plan for and integrate DA with your Chapter’s events, offerings, and community.

We look forward to an exciting year!

Points of Contact

  1. Need to confirm a Chapter DA Champion? The decision to participate as a DA Champion is a chapter decision, based on fulfilling member needs (“know your community”). The chapter board should decide if it wants to have a DA Champion. To get involved, the chapter president will send the name and email of their designee to their chapter partner and [email protected]
  2. Wish to request training? Contact a local Authorized Training Partner
  3. Request someone from PMI to speak to your chapter

December 2021