Disciplined Agile

Disciplined Agile Certification FAQs

This page addresses a few important questions about Disciplined Agile (DA) certification:


    Table 1. PMI’s Agile Certifications. 

    2. How does the Agile Certification Journey (ACJ) work?

    Very well! PMI’s Agile Certification Journey (ACJ) roadmap is depicted in Figure 1 and overviewed in Table 2. We have a detailed description of how the ACJ works right here.

    DA Certification Roadmap

    Figure 1. PMI’s Agile Certification Journey (ACJ) roadmap.


    Table 2. PMI’s Agile Certification Journey (ACJ).

    3. Which Agile Certification Should I get?

    The quick answer is that it depends on your level of experience with agile and where you want to take your career. Here is what we suggest:

    4. How should I prepare for a certification exam?

    Each exam involves randomly selected, multiple choice questions.  To prepare for a test, you must take the corresponding certification workshop.  For example, once you take a Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) workshop you may then take the corresponding Disciplined Agile certification test.

    After a certification workshop, it is recommended to do some additional exam prep-work.

    • Such as: Familiarizing yourself with common agile concepts and terminology 
    • Reviewing key areas that address learning objectives in the "Choose Your WoW!" book. Especially, section 1 (chapters 1-6) provides a good overview of the high-level learning objectives
    • It’s essential that participants take notes and review them prior to the exam
    • Review of workshop handouts
    • Organize a virtual study group to confirm the understanding of processes, application, and concepts addressed in training.

    5. What is a Disciplined Agile certification exam like?

    Each exam is 50 questions long with a duration of 90 minutes.

    The 90 minutes does not include a tutorial which takes 10-15 minutes to go through.

    The exam is a non-proctored exam with Pearson Vue.

    6. How are questions on the exam weighted?

    Each question in the exam is equally weighted.  In effect, each question is worth one point. 

    7. How are multiple-response questions marked on the exam?

    For multi response questions, there is no partial credit. You need to get it completely correct. The question will specify the number of options to select, and you must get them all right to get credit for that question. 

    8. How do I get a digital badge for my certification(s)?

    You can read more about how to get digital badges for your PMI certifications here.

    9. Can I Learn About Disciplined Agile (DA) Without Doing all the Work to Earn a Certification?

    Yes you can!  We have several ways that you can learn more about DA:

    • Web: The Disciplined Agile (DA) hub on PMI.org.  The hub overviews the DA tool kit and evolves regularly as we evolve DA.  This page is part of that hub.
    • E-Learning: The Basics of Disciplined Agile.  This is a self-paced e-learning course that introduces you to fundamental DA concepts.  This is a great introduction to DA.
    • Book: Introduction to Disciplined Agile Delivery 2nd Edition.  This short book from PMI publications works through a software team’s evolution from Scrum to a full DevOps-based strategy via the adoption of DA.  Learn how the team breaks out of the Scrum box to develop a fit-for-purpose way of working (WoW) tailored to their evolving needs.
    • Book: Choose Your WoW!  This book is a detailed read about the DA tool kit and in particular the team-focused process goals. Furthermore, this book is available free of charge in PDF form to all PMI members.

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