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SeminarsWorld Virtual: August

Join our expert SeminarsWorld® instructors virtually to network and learn with your peers in small-group, topic-intensive seminars aligned with the PMI Talent Triangle® while you earn up to 29.5 PDUs and 2.95 Continuing Education Units. Build your career with these real-time online project management courses. Join us and benefit from tools, templates, and tactics you can use right away.

Whether you’re looking to build your leadership expertise, gain valuable skills to drive project success or learn the basics of agile, it’s time to immerse yourself in our dynamic instructor-led online workshops. SeminarsWorld® Virtual provides a highly interactive small-group experience without leaving the comfort of your home and there’s something for everyone. Seminars are available at all levels for anyone managing projects, programs, or portfolios. The ability to experience this unique learning opportunity, participate in real-time with instructors and classmates, and earn PDUs is only a click away. Scroll down and choose a seminar to get started! 

SeminarsWorld in August runs from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. ET.

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Seminar Pricing

PMI Member Before Jun 22
One Day Seminar US$773.00 US$721.00
Two Day Seminar US$1560.00 US$1456.00
Three Day Seminar US$2627.00 US$2163.00
Four Day Seminar US$3090.00 US$2884.00
Non-Member Before Jun 22
One Day Seminar US$922.00 US$773.00
Two Day Seminar US$1862.00 US$1612.00
Three Day Seminar US$2766.00 US$2627.00
Four Day Seminar US$3687.00 US$3090.00
One Day Seminar US$721.00
Two Day Seminar US$1456.00
Three Day Seminar US$2163.00
Four Day Seminar US$2884.00
PMI Member PMI Member
Before Jun 22
Non-Member Non-Member
Before Jun 22
One Day Seminar US$773.00 US$721.00 US$922.00 US$773.00 US$721.00
Two Day Seminar US$1560.00 US$1456.00 US$1862.00 US$1612.00 US$1456.00
Three Day Seminar US$2627.00 US$2163.00 US$2766.00 US$2627.00 US$2163.00
Four Day Seminar US$3090.00 US$2884.00 US$3687.00 US$3090.00 US$2884.00

Attend SeminarsWorld

Date & Location

3 - 6 August 2020
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. ET
Live Virtual Workshop August

Power Up Your Skills

Extend your knowledge and earn more PDUs or CEUs with our new $99 hour-long courses. 

Three Courses Available

Insights for Increasing Personal and Organizational Resilience
5 August ǀ 12:00 -1:00 p.m. E.T. ǀ 1 PDU/ .1 CEU
Instructor: Greg Githens

Resilience is an especially important topic for times of crisis, turmoil, recovery, and rebuilding. This seminar will help you enhance your personal resiliency and contribute to organizational resiliency. This workshop is intended to answer four questions.

  • Why is it better to say we bounce forward than bounce back?
  • What is resilience?
  • How do individuals cultivate it?
  • How can organizations develop it? 

This course will provide examples of resilient individuals, organizations, and systems. Through those examples, you will unpack specific lessons and actionable practices.  

Building Strategic Power
6 August | 7:00 - 8:00 a.m. ET | 1 PDU/.1 CEU
Instructor: Carl Pritchard

Project managers often have hidden power and authority. It’s hidden so well, in fact, that they can’t even find it! During this one-hour long event, participants parse a corporate mission statement to identify those elements that defend best practice project management and prove the critical tie-in between project efforts and the benefits realization those projects are supposed to achieve.

Communicating UP!
6 August | 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. ET | 1 PDU/.1 CEU
Instructor: Carl Pritchard

All too often, we establish communications styles and processes that seem to be "one size fits all." Nothing could be further from the truth.  In dealing with management, steering committees and other critical project stakeholders, while the messages must be consistent, the approaches we use, the data sets we share, and the styles we deploy need to be adaptive in terms of the audiences and stakeholders addressed.  In this hands-on day, you'll get the opportunity to learn how to distill your message down to its core elements, create a common vision, and engage an audience quickly and effectively. 


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No Recordings Available

SeminarsWorld is a live, virtual event with real-time participation and interaction between instructors and students. Recorded sessions are not available.

Make the Case to Attend

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4 steps to getting approval

Step 1: Set out the challenges you face in your role and how the quality and quantity of content at SeminarsWorld will help. 
Step 2: Map out how you’ll spend your time at SeminarsWorld. What course/s will you take part in and how could they help you solve your organization's problems?
Step 3: Stress the value of investing in your professional development.
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