2022 Chapter Awards Program

The PMI Chapter Awards program provides recognition of volunteer efforts, motivates chapter leaders, and provides acknowledgment of their contributions toward achieving PMI’s goals.

Congratulations to the 2022 Chapter Award finalists: 

Category I - Chapters with 25 - 300 Members

  • PMI Columbus, Georgia Chapter, North America
  • PMI Gujarat, India Chapter, South Asia
  • PMI Kazakhstan Chapter, Europe
  • PMI Pernambuco, Brazil Chapter, Latin America
  • PMI Taipei, Taiwan Chapter, Asia Pacific
  • PMI Tunisia Chapter, Middle East/North Africa
  • PMI Zimbabwe Chapter, Sub-Saharan Africa

Category II - Chapters with 301 - 1500 Members

  • PMI Durham Highlands Chapter, North America
  • PMI Kenya Chapter, Sub-Saharan Africa
  • PMI Lebanon Chapter, Middle East/North Africa
  • PMI Queensland Australia Chapter, Asia Pacific
  • PMI Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Chapter, Latin America
  • PMI Southern Italy Chapter, Europe
  • PMI Trivandrum, Kerala Chapter, South Asia

Category III - Chapters with Over 1500 Members

  • PMI Central Italy Chapter, Europe
  • PMI Chicagoland Chapter, North America

Thank You

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the 2022 Chapter Awards Review Committee members for their work:

  • Shyamprakash Agrawal (India)
  • Amgad Badewi (United Kingdom)
  • Natalia Botto (Uruguay)
  • Omar Saleem Chishti (Australia)
  • Carlos Contreras (Dominican Republic)
  • Rocio De La Cuadra (Peru)
  • Philip Du (United States of America)
  • James Karthan (United States of America)
  • Cristian Soto (Bolivia)
  • Rahul Sudame (India)

New in 2022: the chapter awards program will represent the current region structure—instead of the former four macro-regions, up to three finalists, one in each size category, will be selected in each of seven regions:

1. Asia Pacific (Mentor Regions 9, 10, 15)

2. Europe (Mentor Region 8)

3. South Asia (Mentor Region 11)

4. Latin America (Mentor Region 13)

5. Middle East/North Africa (Mentor Region 12)

6. North America (Mentor Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 14)

7. Sub-Saharan Africa (Mentor Region 16)

Three “Chapter of the Year” winners—one chapter for each of the three size categories—could come from any region:

1. Category I: 25 – 300 members

2. Category II: 301 – 1500 members

3. Category III: 1501 or more members

The finalist chapters will get 1) Recognition at the PMI Global Summit and 2) Use the finalist seal on the chapter website. And the winners, in addition to the above, will receive 1) a winner seal and a 2) mention in PMInsight.

If you have any questions, please contact Nina Holman and Aija Moeller at [email protected]